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245 00 Unforgettable Adventures|h[Kanopy electronic resource] 
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306    Duration: 27 minutes 
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518    Originally produced by Chip Taylor Communications in 2010.
520    Adventure. It's a word that adds excitement to people's 
       lives, takes them to places they've never seen before, 
       motivates them to try things they've never tried before, 
       and it's the theme of this program, which allow viewers a 
       chance to encounter some unforgettable adventures. First 
       adventure is to see what it's like to run with 
       championship huskies at the Grand County Sled Dog Classic 
       in Granby, Colorado. Now, mush! Then Myles Ives offers a 
       guided tour over the Rocky Mountains as we float with the 
       clouds while hot-air ballooning before gently landing on 
       mother Earth. Remember Billy Cyrstal in Blazing Saddles? 
       Well our next adventure takes us to the Sylvan Dale Guest 
       Ranch where we get our chance to experience what it's like
       to punch cows on a dude ranch cattle drive. Next we take 
       part in one of the most popular adventures in Colorado, 
       rafting the white waters of the Colorado River. Then we 
       hurtle down a timbered trail on a mountain bike on the Red
       Rocks Loop at Matthews/Winters Park, which is just outside
       of Denver.  
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653    North American Studies 
700 1  W Burshtan, John,|efilmmaker 
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