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245 00 Elements Of Human Nutrition: Vitamins|h[Kanopy electronic 
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306    Duration: 25 minutes 
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518    Originally produced by Marcom Projects in 2009. 
520    Do you hear the word 'vitamins' and envision pills? In 
       fact, our main source of vitamins is the food that we eat.
       This video teaches the basics about these essentials to 
       human nutrition. Learn what vitamins are, and how they 
       keep us healthy. Get tips on the best ways to get all the 
       vitamins you need. Explore the latest research about the 
       dangers of 'overdosing' on vitamins. Understand the signs 
       of a vitamin shortage in your body. Discover whether 
       vitamins can stop cancer. (Learning Seed, USA) 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
546    In English 
653    Food Technology 
653    K-12 
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