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100 1  Burroughs, Edgar Rice,|d1875-1950. 
245 10 At the Earth's core|h[Hoopla electronic resource]. 
250    Unabridged. 
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490 0  Pellucidar series ;|vbk. 1 
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511 1  Read by Patrick Lawlor. 
520    David Innes is a young man who has just inherited a large 
       mining company. An eccentric inventor, Abner Perry, 
       convinces Innes to underwrite a project to build an "iron 
       mole," claiming it will make them both wealthy. The 
       mechanical beast works well-actually too well. On the 
       maiden voyage, instead of digging for a few minutes and 
       returning, they plunge straight through the earth's crust 
       into the "inner world" of Pellucidar. This world resembles
       Earth but is a horizonless, primeval tropical landscape 
       where the sun neither sets nor rises, and it is populated 
       by "Sagoth" gorilla men, wild human slaves, and the ruling
       hypnotic, reptilian "Mahors."Upon arriving at this strange
       world, the men are immediately captured and enslaved. But 
       soon Perry learns to read the language of the Mahors and 
       discovers a secret way to turn the tables! True to 
       Burroughs form, this nonstop fantasy thriller weaves 
       together savage islanders, pterodactyls, telepathy, and, 
       of course, romance. 
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651  0 Earth (Planet)|xCore|vFiction. 
655  7 Fantastic fiction.|2gsafd 
655  7 Adventure fiction.|2gsafd 
700 1  Lawlor, Patrick. 
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