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245 04 The one and the many.|h[Kanopy electronic resource] 
264  1 [San Francisco, California, USA] :|bKanopy Streaming,
300    1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 56 min.) :
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
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347    video file|bMPEG-4|bFlash 
500    Title from title frames. 
518    Originally produced by Documentary Educational Resources 
       in 2012. 
520    Lead me from illusion to reality, lead me from darkness to
       light, lead me from death to immortality, Brihadaranyaka 
       Upanishad 1.3.28. For the Nath Yogis of Northern India 
       this prayer is an expression of their desire to find the 
       One amongst the many and to return to the source of all 
       things. According to the Naths, only a true guru can guide
       them through the paradoxes of human life in their search 
       for a centre where nothing must exist. This 
       anthropological documentary film offers an in-depth look 
       at the Tantrik, Aghori, holy seekers of Northern India who
       are the disciples of the great Guru Gorakh Nath. Following
       his journey of discovery in The lover and the beloved, 
       Rajive McMullen goes deeper into Tantra presenting his own
       guru's story. Filmmaker: Andy Lawrence. 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
600 10 Nath, Guru Gorakh. 
650  0 Tantric Buddhism|zIndia. 
650  0 Documentary films. 
655  7 Documentary films.|2lcgft 
700 1  Lawrence, Andy,|eproducer. 
700 1  McMullen, Rajive,|ecommentator. 
710 2  Kanopy (Firm) 
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       streaming video 
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