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092    BIO|bTAFERO 
100 1  McGarrahan, Ellen,|eauthor. 
245 10 Two truths and a lie :|ba murder, a private investigator, 
       and her search for justice /|cEllen McGarrahan. 
250    First edition. 
264  1 New York :|bRandom House,|c[2021] 
300    xxxii, 331 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
520    "In 1990, Ellen McGarrahan was a young reporter for the 
       Miami Herald when she covered the execution of Jesse 
       Tafero, a man convicted of murdering two police officers. 
       When it later emerged that Tafero may not have committed 
       the murders, McGarrahan became haunted by that grisly 
       execution--and appalled by her unquestioning acceptance of
       the state's version of events. Decades later, in the midst
       of her successful career as a private investigator, 
       McGarrahan finally decides to find out the truth of what 
       really happened. Her investigation takes her back to 
       Florida, where she combs through court files and 
       interviews everyone involved in the case, in. She plunges 
       back into the Miami of the 1960s and 1970s, where 
       gangsters and kingpins and beautiful women inhabit a 
       dangerous world of nightclubs, speed boats, and drug 
       cartels. Violence is everywhere. The murdered police 
       officers, she discovers, are only one part of the picture.
       But even as McGarrahan circles closer to the truth, the 
       story of guilt and innocence becomes more complex. She 
       gradually discovers that she hasn't been alone in her 
       search for closure, because whenever a human life is 
       forcibly taken--by bullet, or by electric chair--the 
       reckoning is long and difficult. Both a gripping true-
       crime narrative and a fascinating glimpse into the life of
       a private investigator, Two Truths and a Lie is ultimately
       a profound meditation on grief and complicity"--|cProvided
       by publisher. 
600 10 Tafero, Jesse,|d1946-1990. 
650  0 Murder|xInvestigation|zFlorida. 
650  0 Crime and the press|zFlorida. 
650  0 Judicial error|zFlorida. 
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