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Labor movement -- Tennessee -- Memphis -- History -- 20th century. : Marching to the mountaintop : how poverty, labor fights, and civil rights set the stage for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s final hours [Hoopla electronic resource] / Ann Bausum.  2013 1
Labor movement -- Tennessee -- Memphis -- History -- 20th century -- Juvenile literature.   2
Labor movement -- United States. : Abe Osherof : one foot in the grave, the other still dancing / Samsara Films presents ; a film by Nadeem Uddin ; produced by Robert Jensen, Nadeem Uddin. [Kanopy electronic resource]  2014 1
Labor movement -- United States -- Fiction. : King coal : a novel [Hoopla electronic resource] / Upton Sinclair.  2015 1
Labor movement -- United States -- History.   6
Labor movement -- United States -- History -- 20th century.   7
Labor movement -- United States -- History -- 21st century.   2
Labor movement -- United States -- History -- Juvenile literature. : Mother Jones and her army of Mill Children / words by Jonah Winter ; illustrations by Nancy Carpenter.  2020 1
Labor movement -- United States -- History -- Videodiscs. : The wobblies [(DVD) videorecording] / directed by Stewart Bird & Deborah Shaffer.  2022 1
Labor movements -- Fiction -- Sound recordings. : In dubious battle [sound recording] / by John Steinbeck.  2001 1

Labor negotiations -- See Collective bargaining

  Labor (Obstetrics) -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Labor (Obstetrics) : Babies are not pizzas : they're born, not delivered! [Hoopla electronic resource] / Rebecca Dekker, PHD, RN.  2019 1
Labor (Obstetrics) -- Anecdotes. : Labor day : true birth stories by today's best women writers [Hoopla electronic resource].  2014 1
  Labor (Obstetrics) Complications -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Labor (Obstetrics) -- Complications.   2
Labor (Obstetrics) -- Drama. : Love covers all [Hoopla electronic resource].  2014 1
Labor (Obstetrics) -- England. : One born every minute. Season 2 [Hoopla electronic resource].  2011 1
Labor (Obstetrics) -- Juvenile fiction. : Ni chu sheng de na ge wan shang / Nanxi Dierman wen, tu ; Wang Yimei yi.  2010 1
Labor (Obstetrics) -- United States. : Born in the U.S.A / a film by Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider. [Kanopy electronic resource]  2014 1
  Labor organizations -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Labor, Organized -- See Labor unions

--subdivision Labor unions under occupational groups and types of employees

Labor organizing -- See Labor unions Organizing

Here are entered works on the process by which union representatives inform employees of the goals, objectives, and benefits of union membership and enroll them as members in new or existing union locals.

--subdivision Labor unions--Organizing under occupational groups and types of employees

Labor output -- See Labor productivity

Here are entered works on the units produced by workers in relation to a given effort or unit of time expended. Works on the hours that employees are at work are entered under Hours of labor. Works on the number of hours of labor necessary to accomplish a task are entered under Labor time.

--subdivision Labor productivity under types of industries, occupations, and processes, e.g. Construction industry--Labor productivity; Coal mines and mining--Labor productivity

Labor, Painless (Obstetrics) -- See Natural childbirth

Here are entered works on childbirth accomplished after education and preparation, with little or no medical intervention. Works on giving birth in a squatting, sitting, or kneeling position with full freedom to move about during labor, are entered under Active childbirth.

Labor participation in management -- See Management Employee participation

Here are entered works on a variety of practices and institutional arrangements through which the employees of an enterprise or organization participate in or exercise control over the management of that enterprise or organization.

--subdivision Management--Employee participation under individual headings for specific industries, e.g. Construction industry--Management--Employee participation

Labor Party (Great Britain) -- See Labour Party (Great Britain)


Labor, Physiology of -- See Work Physiological aspects


Labor policy -- See Also the narrower term Manpower policy

Here are entered works on government policy and effort to affect the development, allocation, and utilization of human resources within a labor market. Works on management strategy for the acquisition, utilization, and improvement of the human resources of an enterprise are entered under Manpower planning.
Labor policy.   2
Labor policy -- United States.   4
Labor -- Political aspects.   2

Labor pool -- See Labor supply

--subdivisions Supply and demand under occupational groups and types of employees and Employees--Supply and demand under types of industries, e.g. Construction industry--Employees--Supply and demand

Labor, Premature -- See Premature labor

  Labor productivity -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Labor productivity.   52
Labor Productivity Computer Programmers : The productive programmer [O'Reilly electronic resource] / Neal Ford. [O'Reilly electronic resource]  2010 1
Labor productivity -- Effect of technological innovations on. : The Business Case for E-Learning / Tom Kelly, Nader Nanjiani. [O'Reilly electronic resource]  2004- 1
Labor productivity -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : Essential time management and organisation : a pocket guide / Sarah Cook. [O'Reilly electronic resource]  2011 1
Labor Productivity Knowledge Workers : Work without walls : an executive's guide to attention management, productivity, and the future of work [Hoopla electronic resource] / Maura Nevel Thomas.  2017 1
Labor productivity -- Measurement. : 101 leadership actions for performance management / Ollie Malone. [O'Reilly electronic resource]  2004 1
Labor productivity -- Moral and ethical aspects. : Principled productivity : why ethical treatment of everyone in an organization will result in increased productivity / Gerald J. Watson Jr. [O'Reilly electronic resources]  2023 1
Labor productivity -- Psychological aspects.   10
Labor productivity -- Religious aspects -- Christianity. : Full-time : work and the meaning of life / David L. Bahnsen.  2024 1
Labor productivity -- Research. : Collaborate smarter, not harder : through analytics, companies can reduce overload, attrition, and other costs of collaboration - and increase its rewards / Rob Cross, Thomas H. Davenport, Peter Gray. [O'Reilly electronic resource]  2019 1
Labor productivity -- United States. : Danger in the comfort zone : from boardroom to mailroom--how to break the entitlement habit that's killing American business / Judith M. Bardwick. [O'Reilly electronic resource]  1995 1
Labor -- Psychological aspects. : Anti-work : psychological investigations into its truths, problems, and solutions / George M. Alliger. [O'Reilly electronic resource]  2022 1

Labor relations -- See Industrial relations

Here are entered works dealing with employer-employee relations in general. Works on that field of management which has the fundamental responsibility for recruiting, hiring, training, compensating, developing and caring for the general welfare of employees are entered under Personnel management. Works on the managing of employees by their supervisors so that duties are performed according to instructions are entered under Supervision of employees.

Labor relations consultants -- See Industrial relations consultants

Labor -- Religious aspects -- Buddhism. : Being Buddha at work : 108 ancient truths on change, stress, money, and success / Franz Metcalf and B.J. Gallagher. [O'Reilly electronic resource]  2012 1
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