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100 1  Bergman, Ronen. 
245 14 The secret war with Iran:|bthe 30-year clandestine 
       struggle against the world's most dangerous terrorist 
       power|h[Hoopla electronic resource] /|cRonen Bergman. 
250    Unabridged. 
260    [United States] :|bTantor Audio :|bMade available through 
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511 1  Read by Dick Hill. 
520    In the years since 9/11, the U.S. war on terror has 
       focused on al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Coverage of 
       Iran has been devoted almost exclusively to its nuclear 
       ambitions. Yet, as Ronen Bergman's groundbreaking 
       reporting in this vital investigative history reveals, for
       thirty years, Iran has been the world's leading sponsor of
       global terror and stands as the most formidable sponsor of
       terror in the world today.Bergman, one of Israel's top 
       investigative reporters, gained unprecedented access to 
       extraordinary sources from top to bottom in the Mossad and
       intelligence agencies around the world. Based on over ten 
       years of research and more than 300 exclusive interviews 
       with key intelligence figures, he reveals that Iranian 
       terrorist masterminds have crisscrossed the globe, 
       conducting bombings and assassinations with impunity-even 
       renting apartments and planning bombing attacks in New 
       York City. Iran's proxy, Hizballah, has virtually taken 
       over southern Lebanon and threatens Israel with high-
       powered weaponry supplied by Iran. Iran and Hizballah 
       worked closely with al-Qaeda and other Sunni terrorist 
       groups in developing their terrorist operations, and 
       Iranian commandos trained Iraqi insurgents in the crafts 
       of suicide bombing and the building of the roadside bombs 
       that have killed so many U.S. troops in Iraq.In response, 
       and largely beneath the public's radar, a vast clandestine
       war has been fought with Iran and Hizballah on one side 
       and the CIA, Israel's Mossad, and their European 
       counterparts on the other. The full story of that secret 
       war, told for the first time here, will fundamentally 
       change the debate about U.S. national security 
       priorities.A new axis of evil is emerging from Iran and 
       spreading around the world, and Bergman shows that the CIA
       and the Mossad have so far been unable to thwart it. The 
       Secret War with Iran is riveting and urgent. 
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610 20 Hizballah (Lebanon) 
650  0 Terrorism|xReligious aspects|xIslam.|vSound recordings. 
650  0 Islam and politics|zIran.|vSound recordings. 
650  0 Intelligence service|zIsrael.|vSound recordings. 
651  0 Iran|xForeign relations|zIsrael|xHistory. 
651  0 Israel|xForeign relations|zIran|xHistory. 
651  0 Iran|xForeign relations|zUnited States|xHistory. 
651  0 United States|xForeign relations|zIran|xHistory. 
651  0 Iran|xForeign relations|zLebanon|xHistory. 
651  0 Lebanon|xForeign relations|zIran|xHistory. 
700 1  Hill, Dick. 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
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