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100 1  Edesess, Michael. 
245 14 The big investment lie:|bwhat your financial advisor 
       doesn't want you to know|h[Hoopla electronic resource] /
       |cMichael Edesess. 
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490 1  A BK life book 
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520    The investment advice and management industry is built on 
       fraud: the idea that professional advisors can predictably
       and consistently help you get a better rate of return on 
       your investments. The industry sells us on this lie using 
       manipulative tactics that are studied, refined, Wall 
       Street minted, and Madison Avenue packaged. And 
       extraordinarily effective. Here, Michael Edesess exposes 
       the shocking truth that, in fact, behind the success of 
       nearly every prosperous investment professional lies not 
       the ability to procure higher rates of return on 
       investment for his or her clients but the ability to 
       procure astoundingly high fees from those clients and 
       nothing more. Through fascinating and sometimes humorous 
       anecdotes and straightforward explanations of investment 
       theory and scientific evidence, Edesess reveals just how 
       badly investors are being scammed by The Big Investment 
       Lie. He examines how the master salespeople that make up 
       the industry sell their cleverly concocted distortions of 
       truth--to the tune of $200 billion a year--to unsuspecting
       consumers who swallow them hook, line and sinker. He then 
       shines a spotlight on the true cost of the industry's 
       useless advice, showing that a prudent independent 
       investor, following a conservative strategy, can reap 
       anywhere from 40 percent to over 100 percent more than an 
       investor who falls for The Big Investment Lie. Detailing 
       the Ten New Commandments for Smart Investing--practical 
       advice for how, where, and when to invest your money to 
       maximize wealth--The Big Investment Lie provides the 
       guidance you need to secure your financial future without 
       throwing your hard-earned money away on the fraudulent 
       investment advice industry. 
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