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100 1  Thomas, A. Goring|q(Arthur Goring),|d1850-1892,|ecomposer.
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246 1  |iFirst line of English text:|aAll alone by the waves, I 
       stray'd in midnight darkling 
246 1  |iFirst line of French text:|aJ'étais seul près des flots,
       par une nuit d'étoiles 
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520    Jen is a senior in high school, mourning the death of her 
       parents. Her friends try to helpalthough their methods of 
       doing so involve moving themselves one by one into her 
       house. Her best friend, Alyssa, and Mitch, the guy shes 
       dating, decide the best way to distract her is a party; 
       its about time the senior class had a pre-graduation bash.
       With Jens parents out of the picture, the party takes 
       place at her house. Theres plenty of booze, but Mitch 
       shows up with ecstasy as well. Jens friends say theres no 
       harm in the drug, so they take the pillswith tragic 
       results. After a trip to the emergency room, Jens life is 
       even worse than it was before. Suicide seems a comforting 
       idea to her. She was once the cheerful girl next door. Now,
       she wants nothing more than to end it all. Her therapist 
       suggests hospitalization, and Jen wonders how she got 
       herehow one mistake could ruin everything. She has a 
       choice; she can continue down her dark path or turn her 
       life around if it isnt too late. 
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600 10 Hugo, Victor,|d1802-1885|vMusical settings. 
650  0 Sacred songs (Medium voice) with piano. 
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