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100 1  McCrum, Robert. 
245 10 Globish:|bhow the English language became the world's 
       language|h[Hoopla electronic resource]. 
250    Unabridged. 
260    [United States] :|bTantor Audio :|bMade available through 
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511 1  Read by James Langton. 
520    It seems impossible: a small island in the North Atlantic,
       colonized by Rome, then pillaged for hundreds of years by 
       marauding neighbors, becomes the dominant world power in 
       the nineteenth century. Equally unlikely, a colony of that
       island nation across the Atlantic grows into the military 
       and cultural colossus of the twentieth century. How? By 
       the sword, of course; by trade and industrial ingenuity; 
       but principally, and most surprisingly, by the power of 
       their common language.In this provocative and compelling 
       new look at the course of empire, Robert McCrum, coauthor 
       of the bestselling book and television series The Story of
       English, shows how the language of the Anglo-American 
       imperium has become the world's lingua franca. In 
       fascinating detail he describes the ever-accelerating 
       changes wrought on the language by the far-flung cultures 
       claiming citizenship in the new hegemony. In the twenty-
       first century, writes the author, English + Microsoft = 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
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650  0 English language|xGlobalization.|vSound recordings. 
700 1  Langton, James. 
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