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020    0843177748 (kit) 
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020    0843177756 (book) 
028 00 PSW-7774-01 (kit)|bPrice Stern Sloan 
028 00 PSW-7774-12 (CD)|bPrice Stern Sloan 
028 00 PSW-7775-06 (book)|bPSS! 
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092    |fKit|a782.42|bBEA 
100 1  Beall, Pamela Conn. 
245 10 Wee sing for baby|h[kit [book, compact disc]] /|c[by 
       Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp]. 
246 30 For baby 
250    Twenty-fifth anniversary special. 
264  1 New York :|bPrice Stern Sloan,|c[2002] 
264  4 |c℗2002 
300    63 pages :|billustrations ;|c21 cm +|e1 sound disc (61 
       min.) (digital ; 4 3/4 in.) 
336    performed music|bprm|2rdacontent 
337    audio|bs|2rdamedia 
338    audio disc|bsd|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |gBaby games.|tTo babyland --|tThe baby's dance --|tA, B, 
       C --|tPeek-a-boo --|tHickory, dickory, dock --|t'Round the
       garden --|t'Round and 'round --|tLittle flea --|tBumblebee
       --|tSlowly, slowly --|tHead and shoulders --|tKnock, knock
       --|tTwo little eyes --|tThis little pig went to market --
       |tBaby's face --|tTummy button --|tBaby's clothes --|tAll 
       for baby --|tBaby bye --|tOpen them, shut them --|tThe 
       family --|tWhoops, Johnny! --|tDance your fingers --|tClap
       along with me --|tClap your hands --|tPat-a-cake --|tPease
       porridge hot --|tI can fly --|gThe|tclock --|tPop! goes 
       the weasel --|tTo market, to market --|tShoe a little 
       horse --|tRide a little pony --|tThis is the way the 
       ladies ride --|tTrit, trot --|tTrot to Boston --|tTrot, 
       trot, trot --|tWalking, walking --|tI took a walk --
       |tLet's take a walk --|tRing around the rosy --|tDance to 
       your daddy --|tDance a baby diddy --|tThis is the way we 
       take a bath --|tSplashing in the bath --|gLullabies:
       |tBaby's nap --|tRosy, my posy --|tRock-a-bye, baby --
       |tGerman cradle song --|tRock-a my dolly --|tHush now, my 
       baby --|tLittle brother's lullaby --|tHush, little baby --
       |tBirdie's cradle --|tWinkum, winkum --|tSleep, baby sleep
       --|gThe|tclouds --|tMother Goose lullaby --|tRaisins and 
       almonds --|tSlumber song --|tNight is near --|tHush-a-bye,
       baby bye --|tGood night prayer --|tStar light, star bright
       --|tTwinkle, twinkle, little star. 
520    Features 65 musical games and lullabies for baby. 
650  0 Children's songs|xJuvenile literature|xKits. 
650  0 Singing games|xJuvenile literature|xKits. 
650  0 Games with music|xJuvenile literature|xKits. 
650  0 Finger play|vJuvenile literature|xKits. 
650  0 Lullabies|xJuvenile literature|xKits. 
655  7 Kits.|2local 
700 1  Nipp, Susan Hagen. 
830  0 Wee sing.