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245 14 The extraterrestrial species almanac :|bthe ultimate guide
       to greys, reptilians, hybrids, and nordics|h[Hoopla 
       electronic resource] /|cCraig Campobasso. 
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520    Discover who the aliens are - the benevolent ones and 
       those who mean us harm - and what they want from us. Here 
       is the ultimate field guide to the 82 extraterrestrial 
       species that populate the universe. Fully illustrated 
       throughout. This is the ultimate field guide to the 82 
       extraterrestrial species that populate the universe. ET 
       enthusiast Craig Campobasso explores the origins, physical
       characteristics, technological and consciousness abilities,
       dimensional capacities, belief systems, and cosmic agendas
       of each of the species. The species fall into two 
       categories: 1) benevolent races, which function as the 
       guardians of humanity, whose goals include helping people 
       overcome duality, healing, and protecting; and 2) 
       malevolent races, which are responsible for abductions, 
       cloning, and ultimately domination. This intergalactic 
       expose will entertain all those interested in UFOs, aliens,
       ETs. Sci-fi and fantasy fans of the Marvel universe; Star 
       Trek, Star Wars, and other popular TV shows like Ancient 
       Aliens; Roswell, and Project Blue Book are prime targets 
       for this book that delves deep into who the real 
       extraterrestrials are and what they want with the people 
       of Earth. 
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