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100 1  Forsyth, Mark,|eauthor. 
245 14 The etymologicon:|ba circular stroll through the hidden 
       connections of the English language|h[Hoopla electronic 
       resource] /|cMark Forsyth. 
250    Unabridged. 
260    [United States] :|bGildan Audio :|bMade available through 
300    1 online resource (1 audio file (420 min.)) :|bdigital. 
506    Digital content provided by hoopla. 
511 1  Read by Don Hagen. 
520    Do you know why...a mortgage is literally a death pledge? 
       ...why guns have girls' names? ...why salt is related to 
       soldier? You're about to find out... The Etymologicon (e-
       t?-'m̃-l̃-ji-kñ) is :Witty (wi-te\): Full of clever humor;
       Erudite (er-?-dit): Showing knowledge; Ribald (ri-b?ld): 
       Crude, offensive. The Etymologicon is a completely 
       unauthorized guide to the strange underpinnings of the 
       English language. It explains: how you get from "gruntled"
       to "disgruntled"; why you are absolutely right to believe 
       that your meager salary barely covers "money for salt"; 
       how the biggest chain of coffee shops in the world (hint: 
       Seattle) connects to whaling in Nantucket; and what 
       precisely the Rolling Stones have to do with gardening. 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
650  0 English language|xEtymology.|vSound recordings. 
700 1  Hagen, Don,|enarrator. 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
856 40 |u|zInstantly 
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