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150    Management|xEmployee participation 
360    |isubdivision|aManagement--Employee participation|iunder 
       individual headings for specific industries, e.g.
       |aConstruction industry--Management--Employee 
450    Autogestion (Employee self-management) 
450    Codetermination, Worker 
450    Consultative management 
450    Economic democracy 
450    Employee involvement in management 
450    Employee participation in management 
450    Employees' representation in management 
450    Industrial democracy 
450    Labor participation in management 
450    Participative management 
450    Participatory management 
450    Self-management by employees 
450    Worker codetermination 
450    Worker participation in management 
450    Worker self-management 
450    Workers' control 
450    Workers' participation in management 
450    Workers' self-management 
550    |wg|aIndustrial relations 
550    Employee ownership 
550    Producer cooperatives 
670    UMI business vocab.|b(Employee involvement) 
670    Wikipedia, Aug. 30, 2007|b("Worker self-management (or 
       autogestion) is a form of workplace decision-making in 
       which the employees themselves agree on choices (for 
       issues like customer care, general production methods, 
       scheduling, division of labour etc.) instead of the 
       traditional authoritative supervisor telling workers what 
       to do, how to do it and where to do it.") 
680    |iHere are entered works on a variety of practices and 
       institutional arrangements through which the employees of 
       an enterprise or organization participate in or exercise 
       control over the management of that enterprise or