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Educational tests and measurements

-- See Also the narrower term Ability Testing

--subdivision Ability testing under topical headings, and subdivision Testing under phrase headings for types of ability for discussions of tests of native aptitude or acquired proficiency in a particular field

-- See Also the narrower term Achievement tests


-- See Also the narrower term College entrance achievement tests


-- See Also the narrower term Competency-based educational tests


-- See Also Examinations

Here are entered general works on examinations. Compilations of examination questions and answers are entered under Examinations--Questions.

--subdivision Examinations under names of individual corporate bodies, educational institutions, and military services and under types of educational institutions for works discussing examinations given by those organizations; under classes of persons for works discussing examinations for those groups; and under names of individual persons and titles of works and under topical headings for works discussing examinations about those persons, titles, or topics

-- See Also the narrower term Examinations Scoring

Here are entered works on the process of systematically assigning values to the results of tests, questionnaires, etc.

-- See Also the narrower term Grading and marking (Students)

Here are entered works concerned solely with evaluation of academic achievement. Works concerned with testing student academic achievement and aptitudes are entered under Educational tests and measurements. Works on evaluating students on their total performance, including academic achievement, behavior, attitudes, interest, motivation, participation, etc., are entered under Students--Rating of.

-- See Also the narrower term High school placement test


-- See Also the narrower term Personality tests

--subdivision Testing under individual personality traits, e.g. Self-perception--Testing

-- See Also Psychological tests

Here are entered general works on psychological tests and testing, including methods of test construction and applications of testing. Works which discuss the testing of a particular psychological topic, trait, etc. are entered under the appropriate heading with subdivision Testing, e.g. Motivation (Psychology)--Testing.

--subdivision Psychological testing under classes of persons and ethnic groups

-- See Also the narrower term Spelling ability Testing


-- See Also the narrower term Test bias


-- See Also the narrower term Universities and colleges Entrance examinations

Here are entered compilations of entrance examinations questions and answers. Works on the requirements for admission to colleges or universities are entered under Universities and colleges--Entrance requirements.

--subdivision Entrance examinations under names of individual universities and colleges, e.g. Harvard University--Entrance examinations
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