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Economic indicators -- History.   2
Economic indicators. -- Sound recordings. : The end of growth: adapting to our new economic reality [Hoopla electronic resource] / Richard Heinberg.  2011 1

Economic indicators Statistics -- See Economic indicators

Here are entered works on economic time series, e.g. consumer spending, money supply, interest rates, that are used to judge the direction in which an economy is moving.
Economic indicators -- United States.   5
Economic indicators -- United States -- History. : The leading indicators [Axis 360 electronic resource] : a short history of the numbers that rule our world / Zachary Karabell.  2014 1

Economic infrastructure -- See Infrastructure (Economics)

Here are entered works on the underlying capital of a society embodied in roads and other transportation and communication systems as well as water supplies, electric power, and other public services.
Economic Integration Asia   3

Economic integration, International -- See International economic integration

--subdivision Economic integration under names of regions larger than countries for works discussing the integration of the economies of a group of countries, e.g. Europe--Economic integration; and names of international organizations established to integrate the economies of various countries

Economic journalism -- See Journalism, Commercial

  Economic liberties (U.S. Constitution) -- 2 Related Subjects   2
  Economic man -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Economic man.   3
Economic man -- Miscellanea -- Sound recordings.   3

Economic nationalism -- See Economic policy

--subdivision Economic policy under names of countries, regions, cities, etc.
  Economic planning -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Economic poisons -- See Pesticides

  Economic policy -- 29 Related Subjects   29
Economic policy.   14
Economic Policy Canada 21st Century Forecasting   2
Economic policy -- Case studies. : Wrong : nine economic policy disasters and what we can learn from them / Richard S. Grossman.  2013 1
Economic Policy China   3
Economic Policy China 2000   5
Economic Policy Communist Countries : The end of the free market: who wins the war between states and corporations? [Hoopla electronic resource] / Ian Bremmer.  2010 1
Economic Policy Developing Countries   6
Economic Policy Developing Countries Sound Recordings : Why nations fail [sound recording] : the origins of power, prosperity and poverty / Daron Acemoglu, James A. Robinson.  2012 1
Economic Policy Economics Economic Conditions History 20th Century Argentina : May Justice Be Done. [Kanopy electronic resource]  2015 1
Economic policy -- Encyclopedias. : Achieving sustainability : visions, principles, and practices / Debra Rowe, editor in chief.  2014 1
Economic Policy Europe : Why save the bankers? : and other essays on our economic and political crisis / Thomas Piketty ; translated from the French and annotated by Seth Ackerman.  2016 1
Economic Policy Europe 20th Century : The End of normal : the great crisis and the future of growth / James K. Galbraith.  2014 1
Economic Policy Europe 21st Century : Rewriting the rules of the European economy : an agenda for growth and shared prosperity / Joseph E. Stiglitz, in collaboration with Carter Dougherty and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies.  2020 1
Economic Policy European Union Countries : Unhappy Union [Axis 360 electronic resource] : How the euro crisis ? and Europe ? can be fixed.  2014 1

Economic policy, Foreign -- See International economic relations

Here are entered works on economic relations among nations. Works on the foreign economic relations of countries, cities, etc., are entered under headings of the type [place]--Foreign economic relations, further subdivided by place, if appropriate. If so subdivided, a second heading is assigned with the place names in reverse positions, e.g. 1. United States--Foreign economic relations--France. 2. France--Foreign economic relations--United States.

--subdivision Foreign economic relations under names of countries
Economic Policy Germany 1933 1945 Drama Videodiscs : Heartbeat detector [(DVD) videorecording] = La question humaine / a New Yorker Films release ; Red Envelope Entertainment ; Sophie Dulac Productions présente ; avec la participation du Centre National de la Cinematographie ; avec la participation de Cinécinéma ; un film produit par Sophie Dulac and Michel Zana ; d'après l'ouvrage de François Emmanuel ; un film de Nicolas Klotz ; écrit par Elisabeth Perceval.  2008 1
Economic policy -- History. : Principles for dealing with the changing world order / Ray Dalio.  2021 1
Economic Policy India : The Modi effect : inside Narendra Modi's campaign to tranform India / Lance Price.  2015 1
Economic Policy India 21st Century : Reimagining India : unlocking the potential of Asia's next superpower / Clay Chandler and Adil Zainulbhai ; editors, McKinsey & Company.  2013 1
Economic policy -- Juvenile literature.   2
Economic Policy Middle Class United States 21st Century   2
Economic Policy New York N Y : Made in Brooklyn.  2017 1
Economic policy -- Popular works. : Think like an economist : get to grips with money and markets / Anne Rooney.  2019 1
Economic Policy Russia Federation 1991 : Once upon a time in Russia : the rise of the oligarchs-- a true story of ambition, wealth, betrayal, and murder / Ben Mezrich.  2015 1
Economic Policy Rwanda : Rwanda, Inc: [how a devastated nation became an economic model for the developing world] [Hoopla electronic resource] / Patricia Crisafulli and Andrea Redmond.  2012 1
Economic Policy Saudi Arabia : Vision or mirage : Saudi Arabia at the crossroads / David H. Rundell.  2021 1
Economic policy -- Social aspects. : Applied economics : thinking beyond stage one / Thomas Sowell.  2009 1
Economic policy -- Social aspects. -- Sound recordings.   2
Economic policy -- Sound recordings.   6
Economic Policy Soviet Union 1986 1991 : Collapse : the fall of the Soviet Union / Vladislav M. Zubok.  2021 1
Economic Policy U S States : An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of states [OverDrive electronic resource] : how taxes, energy, and worker freedom change everything / Arthur B. Laffer, Stephen Moore, Rex Sinquefield, Travis H. Brown.  2014 1
Economic Policy Uganda   2
Economic Policy United States   44
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