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Devotional exercises

-- See Prayer books and devotions

--subdivision Prayer books and devotions under individual religions, names of individual religious denominations, names of individual religious and monastic orders, classes of persons for whose use the prayers are intended, or names of saints, deities, etc. to whom the devotions are directed, and under subjects, e.g. Catholic Church--Prayer books and devotions; Jesus Christ--Prayer books and devotions; Christmas--Prayer books and devotions

-- See Also the narrower term Church music

Here are entered works on church music and on sacred vocal music in general. Sacred vocal compositions are entered under the heading Sacred vocal music and headings referred to under that heading.Subdivided, when desirable, by denomination as well as by locality, e.g. 1. Church music--Church of England. 2. Church music--England.

-- See Also the narrower term Families Prayers and devotions

Here are entered prayers and devotions for family worship.

-- See Also the narrower term Hymns

Here are entered general collections of hymns, with qualification, when appropriate, by language, e.g. Hymns, English. For collections of hymns of an individual Christian denomination an additional subject entry is made under the heading for the denomination with subdivision Hymns, e.g. Catholic Church--Hymns.

--names of individual hymns, e.g. Gloria in excelsis Deo
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