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053  0 PS3563.A942 
100 1  May, Julian 
400 1  Dikty, Julian May 
400 1  מיי, ג'וליאן 
500 1  |wnnnc|aFeilen, John 
500 1  |wnnnc|aGrant, Matthew G. 
500 1  |wnnnc|aThorne, Ian 
500 1  |wnnnc|aZanderbergen, George 
500 1  |wnnnc|aCunningham, Bob 
500 1  |wnnnc|aFalconer, Lee N. 
500 1  |wnnnc|aThorne, Jean Wright 
663    For works of this author entered under other names, search
       also under|bFeilen, John,|bGrant, Matthew G.|bThorne, Ian.
       |bZanderbergen, George.|bCunningham, Bob.|bFalconer, Lee 
       N.|bThorne, Jean Wright. 
667    Machine-derived non-Latin script reference project. 
667    Non-Latin script reference not evaluated. 
670    Her There's adventure in atomic energy, 1957. 
670    Her Orion arm, 1999:|bt.p., etc. (Julian May) cover, p. 3 
       (has written numerous books, including the four books of 
       The saga of Pliocene exile, the two books of Intervention,
       and The galactic milieu trilogy; has collaborated with 
       Andre Norton and Marion Zimmer Bradley on the fantasy 
       novel Black Trillium; r. in Bellevue, Wash.) 
670    Cont. authors online, May 1, 2002|b(Julian May; science 
       fiction, children's nonfiction, and fantasy fiction 
       writer; b. July 10, 1931 in Chicago, Ill.; m. Thaddeus 
       "Ted" E. Dikty (a writer and publisher); three children; 
       author of several titles including Orion arm (2000), The 
       saga of Pliocene exile series, Galactic milieu series, 
       Black Trillium (1990) with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre
       Norton as well as other titles of fantasy fiction, sports 
       nonfiction, juvenile nonfiction and biography (including 
       There's adventure in atomic energy (1957)); has used a 
       number of pseudonyms for some of her nonfiction and 
       fiction titles including John Feilen, Matthew G. Grant, 
       Ian Thorne (also for film novelizations), George 
       Zanderbergen, and Bob Cunningham, Jean Wright Thorne, Lee 
       N. Falconer) 
670    BL AL recd. 23 Apr. 1992|b(Julian Clare May, born 10 July