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Conceptual art

-- See Also the narrower term Artists' books

Here are entered books that are produced by artists and intended as visual art objects, and general works about such books. Works on such books produced in a particular place are entered under this heading with local subdivision. Works on books illustrated with original prints by well known artists and published in limited editions are entered under Artists' illustrated books. Works on existing books whose pages have been altered by paint, collage, or other media are entered under Altered books. Works on custom bindings of books, irrespective of contents, are entered under Fine bindings.

-- See Also Earthworks (Art)


-- See Also the narrower term Mail art

Here are entered works on art created collaboratively by using the postal service to transport a work in progress from one artist to another, and usually incorporating postal paraphernalia such as stamps, cancellations, etc. into the work.

-- See Also the narrower term Wall drawing (Conceptual art)

Here are entered works on drawing on wall surfaces emphasizing the concept of drawing with the drawing usually visible for a limited period of time. General works on painting on wall surfaces are entered under Mural painting and decoration. Works on outdoor mural painting decorating buildings in public thoroughfares and often drawing attention to contemporary urban problems such as drugs, minorities, police brutality, etc. are entered under Street art.
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