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028 42 80396|bWeinstein Company 
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245 03 El Cid|h[(DVD) videorecording] /|cwritten by Fredric M. 
       Frank and Philip Yordan ; produced by Samuel Bronston ; 
       directed by Anthony Mann ; a Samuel Bronston production in
       association with Dear Film Production. 
250    Two-disc deluxe edition. 
264  1 [New York, N.Y.] :|bWeinstein Company,|c[2008] 
264  2 Santa Monica, CA :|bDistributed by Genius Products. 
300    2 videodiscs (183 min.) :|bsound, color ;|c4 3/4 in. 
336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
337    video|bv|2rdamedia 
338    videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier 
500    Originally released as a motion picture in 1961. 
500    First half of film plays on 1st disc, film is continued on
       2nd disc. 
500    Special features: Disc 1: Feature commentary with Bill 
       Bronston and Neal M. Rosendorf; vintage radio interviews 
       with Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren; still galleries; 
       filmographies. Disc 2: Hollywood conquers Spain: the 
       making of El Cid; Samuel Bronston: the epic journey of a 
       dreamer; behind the camera: Anthony Mann and El Cid; 
       Miklós Rózsa: maestro of the movies; preserving our legacy
       : Gerry Byrne on film preservation and restoration; 
       trailer gallery. 
500    For specific features see interactive menu. 
505 0  Disc 1. El Cid [pt. 1] ; special features -- disc. 2. El 
       Cid [pt. 2] ; special features. 
508    Music, Miklós Rózsa ; director of photography, Robert 
       Krasker ; editor, Robert Lawrence. 
511 1  Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren, Raf Vallone, Genevieve Page,
       John Fraser, Gary Raymond, Hurd Hatfield, Massimo Serato, 
       Herbert Lom. 
520    Eleventh-century Spain is divided into Christian kingdoms 
       and Moorish strongholds. The young Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, 
       who has been dubbed El Cid by his followers, vows to see 
       his country at peace, free from the invader. Showing 
       clemency to some emirs, he faces treason charges at court.
       His accuser, Gomez, father of his fiancee, Chimene, dies 
       in the resulting duel. Chimene's avowed vengeance plot 
       fails and Rodrigo is given her hand. When King Ferdinand 
       dies, his kingdom is divided among his three children. 
       Sancho challenges the decision and imprisons Alfonso, who 
       is released by El Cid. Then Sancho is assassinated by an 
       African war-lord. Alfonso now claims that throne, too, and
       exiles El Cid. Chimene realizes the nobility of her 
       husband and joins him. The years pass and El Cid becomes a
       revered warrior, but refuses to aid Alfonso. He lays siege
       to Valencia, catapulting food into its starving garrison. 
       The Valencians kill their evil ruler and offer the crown 
       to El Cid. He sends it to Alfonso, who rushes to his side.
       But El Cid has been hit by a stray arrow. Attended by 
       Chimene, he hides the wound from his men and prepares a 
       final bid to drive the Moors from Spain. 
521 8  Not rated. 
538    DVD, NTSC; region 1, widescreen (letterbox, enhanced) 
       presentation; Dolby Digital 5.1 surround. 
540    These DVDs are copy protected and may be played only on 
       licensed devices. 
546    English dialogue, with optional Spanish subtitles or 
       English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. 
586 8  Golden Globes, USA, 1962: Special Merit Award (Samuel 
600 00 Cid,|dapproximately 1043-1099|vDrama. 
650  0 War wounds|zSpain|vDrama|vVideodiscs. 
650  0 Muslims|zSpain|vDrama|vVideodiscs. 
650  0 DVDs. 
651  0 Spain|xHistory|y711-1516|vDrama|vVideodiscs. 
651  0 Spain|xPolitics and government|yTo 1479|vDrama
655  7 Feature films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Epic films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Historical films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Action and adventure films.|2lcgft 
655  7 Video recordings for the hearing impaired.|2lcgft 
700 1  Bronston, Samuel,|eproducer. 
700 1  Frank, Fredric M.|q(Fredric Maurice),|d1911-1977,
700 1  Yordan, Philip,|escreenwriter. 
700 1  Mann, Anthony,|d1906-1967,|edirector. 
700 1  Heston, Charlton,|eactor. 
700 1  Loren, Sophia,|d1934-|eactor. 
700 1  Vallone, Raf,|eactor. 
700 1  Page, Geneviève,|eactor. 
700 1  Fraser, John,|d1931-|eactor. 
700 1  Raymond, Gary,|eactor. 
700 1  Hatfield, Hurd,|d1918-1998,|eactor. 
700 1  Serato, Massimo,|d1916-1989,|eactor. 
700 1  Lom, Herbert,|eactor. 
710 2  Samuel Bronston Productions, Inc. 
710 2  Dear film produzione. 
710 2  Weinstein Company. 
710 2  Genius Products, Inc. 
830  0 Miriam collection. 
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