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100 1  Carson, Iain. 
245 10 Zoom:|bthe global race to fuel the car of the future
       |h[Hoopla electronic resource] /|cIain Carson, Vijay V. 
250    Abridged. 
260    [United States] :|bHachette Audio :|bMade available 
       through hoopla,|c2007. 
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511 0  Read by Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran. 
520    ZOOM takes listeners inside the global race to build the 
       car of the future, as pioneers in Japan, India, China, and
       the USA tackle the challenge of creating automobiles that 
       will run on cleaner energy sources. The authors write: 
       "Oil is the problem. Cars are the solution." We are living
       in the midst of a Great Awakening in which 
       environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and political leaders 
       are forming new alliances to end our addiction to oil and 
       create new technologies. The days of Big Oil and Big Auto 
       are numbered, according to the authors, who show how we 
       are in the midst of a major transformation from carbon-
       based energy sources to new fuels and technologies. ZOOM 
       traces the history of the linked industries of oil and 
       automobiles, and how the two have shaped domestic 
       capitalism and the international landscape, creating both 
       progress and peril. They explain how Toyota vanquished 
       American competitors to become the world's largest 
       automobile manufacturer and, more importantly, a leader in
       hybrid cars using electric power. They take us into the 
       boardrooms of oil executives and show how some are boldly 
       exploring new energy sources while others deny the dangers
       posed by oil and risk extinction. With wide-ranging 
       analysis and a keen view of the key players in the 
       intersecting worlds of energy and automobiles, authors 
       Iain Carson and Vijay Vaitheeswaran tell the story of what
       may be the most important challenge facing the industrial 
       world: How to make the transition from the Age of 
       Petroleum to a cleaner and better future. 
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650  0 Alternative fuel vehicles.|vSound recordings. 
650  0 Automobiles|xTechnological innovations.|vSound recordings.
650  0 Power resources.|vSound recordings. 
650  0 Automobile industry and trade|zUnited States|xHistory.
       |vSound recordings. 
700 1  Vaitheeswaran, Vijay V.,|d1969- 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
856 40 |u|zInstantly 
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