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022    0149-7863 
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245 00 Pushcart Prize XLII :|bbest of the small presses /|cedited
       by Bill Henderson ; with the Pushcart prize editors. 
246 3  Pushcart prize :|bbest of the small presses.|nXLII 
246 3  Pushcart prize 42 :|bbest of the small presses. 
246 3  Pushcart prize forty-two :|bbest of the small presses. 
246 3  Pushcart Prize 2018 
264  1 Wainscott, New York :|bPushcart Prize Fellowships,|c[2018]
264  2 New York, N.Y. :|bW.W. Norton & Co.,|c[2018] 
264  4 |c©2018 
300    624 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    "0149-7863". 
504    Includes bibliographical references and author index. 
505 00 |gIntroduction /|rBill Henderson --|tCatacombs /|rJason 
       Zencka --|tThanks for coming in /|rRon Koertge --|tThe 
       work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction /
       |rAnthony Wallace --|tImperatives for carrying on in the 
       aftermath /|rNatasha Trethewey --|tBajadas /|rFrancisco 
       Cantú --|tThe plate-spinner /|rSteve Stern --|tMemorial 
       day /|rBrian Doyle --|tCreative types /|rTom Bissell --
       |tFloat /|rReginald McKnight --|tMichaux State Forest, New
       Year's /|tChristopher Kempf --|tTolstoy and God /|rBrian 
       Morton --|tThe home for Buddhist widows /|rBlair Hurley --
       |tThe leash /|rAda Limón --|tPraying mantis in my 
       husband's salad /|rLaura Kasischke --|tTidal wave /
       |rValerie Sayers --|tAct /|rStephen Hess --|tThe boatman /
       |rCarolyn Forché --|tStranger, thank you for giving me 
       this body /|rTeresa Dzieglewicz --|tZombies /|rDaniel 
       Harris --|tFreedom /|rRachel Cusk --|tIt's something 
       people in love do /|rChristopher Citro --|tElegy /|rKeith 
       Woodruff --|tTaut rhythmic surfaces /|rGeorge Saunders --
       |tPoem imposing order /|rKeith Ratzlaff --|tBasic training
       /|rMahreen Sohail --|tGood hair /|rSafiya Sinclair --|tThe
       future consequences of present actions /|rAllegra Hyde --
       |tWhen I think of Tamir Rice while driving /|rReginald 
       Dwayne Betts --|tThe dreams of kings /|rSujata Shekar --
       |tMentor /|rMark Jude Poirier --|tBelief /|rJamie Quatro -
       -|tMy dear master Liszt /|rBen Stroud --|tUndocumented 
       alien /|rJoyce Carol Oates --|tAny common desolation /
       |rEllen Bass --|tFunny bird sex /|rJohn R. Nelson --
       |tBully /|rAmit Majmudar --|tFamous actor /|rJess Walter -
       -|tDesired appreciation /|rSolmaz Sharif --|tMiracle fruit
       /|rEthan Chatagnier --|tDixon /|rBret Anthony Johnston --
       |tSad song /|rChase Twichell --|tI will love you in the 
       summertime /|rChristian Wiman --|tElegy with grown folks' 
       music /|rSaeed Jones --|tNatural history /|rCamille T. 
       Dungy --|tCounselor of my heart /|rLydia Conklin --|tBeach
       city /|rJaquira Diaz --|tAbout the tongue /|rChristopher 
       Todd Anderson --|tAbsolute rhythm /|rDavid Wojahn --|tMilk
       /|rYe Chun --|tHow we built our house /|rThomas R. Moore -
       -|tCondition /|rErica Dawson --|tBurn scars /|rPhilip 
       Connors --|tLanguage lesson for one /|rPui Ying Wong --
       |tWeekend trip /|rAnne Ray --|tA small sacrifice for an 
       enormous happiness /|rJai Chakrabarti --|tAbracadabra /
       |rKathleen Lynch --|tDispatch from flyover country /
       |rMeghan O'Gieblyn --|tOn gay parenting /|rAndrew Solomon 
       --|tThe ménage /|rLouisa Ermelino --|tI told the water /
       |rTarfia Faizullah --|tPortrait of the alcoholic with 
       relapse fantasy /|rKaveh Akbar --|tGunpowder /|rRebecca 
       Hazelton --|tLatchkey /|rNick Norwood --|tHow to shoot 
       someone who outdrew you /|rDavid Meischen --|tAubade for 
       non-citizens /|rLo Kwa Mei-en --|tWhen you died /|rJane 
       Wong --|tReign of embers /|rCecilia Woloch --|tMaybe 
       mermaids and robots are lonely /|rMatthew Fogarty --
       |tTelemachus /|rJim Shepard --|tEverything you want right 
       here /|rDelaney Nolan --|gSpecial mention --|gPresses 
       featured in the Pushcart Prize editions since 1976 --|gThe
       Pushcart Prize fellowships --|gContributing small presses 
       --|gContributors' notes --|gIndex. 
520    "The Pushcart Prize is the only annual anthology to 
       exclusively showcase the very best writing from America's 
       alternative literary presses. Each year contributing 
       editors, whose ranks include the most important writers of
       today, along with hundreds of small presses, nominate 
       thousands of stories, poems, essays and memoirs for 
       inclusion in Pushcart's collection. This unique 
       submissions process ensures a diversity of writing 
       unmatched by any other anthology. This year's gathering 
       includes work by Brian Doyle, Carolyn Forché, George 
       Saunders, Joyce Carol Oates, Ye Chun, Andrew Solomon, 
       Philip Connors, Louisa Ermelino, Jim Shepard, and many 
       more established and new writers representing 53 presses."
       --Back cover. 
650  0 American literature|y21st century. 
650  0 Small presses|zUnited States. 
650  0 Short stories, American|y21st century. 
650  0 American poetry|y21st century. 
650  0 American essays|y21st century. 
650  0 Autobiography|y21st century. 
650  0 Autobiographies. 
650  0 Short stories. 
650  0 Essays. 
650  0 Poetry. 
655  7 Autobiographies.|2lcgft 
655  7 Short stories.|2lcgft 
655  7 Essays.|2lcgft 
655  7 Poetry.|2lcgft 
700 1  Henderson, Bill,|d1941-|eeditor. 
710 2  Pushcart Press. 
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