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245 04 The apocryphal Jesus|h[Hoopla electronic resource]. 
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490 1  The great courses. Religion & theology. Christianity 
505 00 |gEpisode 1|tThe Influence of Apocrypha|gEpisode 2|tJesus 
       and Mary in the Proto-Gospel of James|gEpisode 3|tYoung 
       Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas|gEpisode 4|tJoseph 
       and the Magi in the Apocrypha|gEpisode 5|tThe Apocrypha 
       and the Cult of Mary|gEpisode 6|tLost Gospels and 
       Fragments|gEpisode 7|tSayings of Jesus from the Gospel of 
       Thomas|gEpisode 8|tJesus's Statements beyond the Gospels
       |gEpisode 9|tConversations with the Living Jesus|gEpisode 
       10|tThe Gospel of Judas's Gnostic Vision|gEpisode 11|tThe 
       Gospel of Peter and the Talking Cross|gEpisode 12|tThe 
       Apocrypha and Pilate's Sanctification|gEpisode 13
       |tDialogues with the Risen Jesus|gEpisode 14|tHope and 
       Adventure in the Acts of John|gEpisode 15|tSocial 
       Disruption in the Acts of Paul|gEpisode 16|tThecla
       |gEpisode 17|tMiracles and Magic in the Acts of Peter
       |gEpisode 18|tPeter versus Paul in the Pseudo-Clementines
       |gEpisode 19|tThe Acts of Thomas and the Mission to India
       |gEpisode 20|tSpiritual Love in the Acts of Andrew
       |gEpisode 21|tForged Letters of Jesus and the Apostles
       |gEpisode 22|tRevelations That Didn't Make the Bible
       |gEpisode 23|tTours of Hell before Dante|gEpisode 24
       |tApocrypha after the New Testament. 
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511 0  Lecturer: Professor David Brakke, The Ohio State 
520    Much of what we know about Jesus today comes from 
       apocryphal sources rather than the Bible. The Apocryphal 
       Jesus is your chance to learn about the early Christian 
       world from a variety of sources-many of which have been 
       considered heretical. Over 24 revealing lectures, 
       Professor Brakke explores the stories and ideas that 
       shaped the foundations of early Christian thought and 
       influence us even today. 
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600 00 Jesus Christ|vBiography|vApocryphal and legendary 
650  0 Apocryphal books (New Testament)|xCriticism, 
       interpretation, etc. 
650  0 Apocryphal Gospels|xCriticism, interpretation, etc. 
650  0 Apocryphal infancy Gospels|xCriticism, interpretation, 
700 1  Brakke, David,|eteacher. 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
830  0 Great courses (DVD).|pReligion. 
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