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245 00 Car of the future :|bengineering for the environment
       |h[electronic resource]. 
246 3  Engineering for the evironment 
246 1  |iTitle on box set container:|aBecoming green :|bgrowing 
       environmental awareness 
264  1 [United States]:|bPBS ,|c2008. 
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506    Digital content provided by hoopla. 
511 0  Hosted by Tom and Ray Magliozzi of NPR's Car Talk ; 
       narrator, John Lithgow. 
520    How will the car of the future be powered? Will it run on 
       hydrogen, batteries, ethanol or some as-yet undiscovered 
       technology? Find out as NOVA takes a look at the latest 
       and greatest in the automotive industry. Tom and Ray 
       Magliozzi of NPR's "Car Talk" fame take viewers on a 
       roller-coaster ride into the world of cars - examining new
       technologies and ideas about America's most common form of
       transportation. With constantly increasing prices at the 
       pump and a growing concern about the impact of emissions 
       on global warming, there is a keen interest in alternative
       fuel sources to power our cars. The hydrogen fuel cell has
       long been the holy grail of zero emissions energy, and 
       countries like Iceland are trying out the technology by 
       transforming their public transportation. Closer to home, 
       there are attempts to create fuels like "biodiesel" - made
       of used vegetable oil - or ethanol from corn crops. Will 
       these be our future fuels or just a useful intermediate? 
       Can an all-electric sports car being developed in 
       California change the face of driving for good? With in-
       depth interviews and the unique humor of the much-loved 
       Magliozzi brothers, "Car of the Future" takes a light-
       hearted but knowledgeable look at the serious issue of 
       what's to come for our transportation. 
521 8  Rated G. 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
650  0 Alternative fuel vehicles|xDesign and construction. 
650  0 Automobiles|xTechnological innovations. 
700 1  Seamans, Joe. 
700 1  Magliozzi, Tom. 
700 1  Magliozzi, Ray. 
700 1  Lithgow, John,|d1945- 
700 1  Smith, Janet Driscoll. 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
730 0  Nova (Television program) 
856 40 |u|zInstantly 
       available on hoopla. 
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