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245 00 Falling.|h[Kanopy electronic resource] 
264  1 |bUniversity of Southern California Cinematic Arts,|c2017.
264  1 [San Francisco, California, USA] :|bKanopy Streaming,
300    1 online resource (streaming video file) (19 minutes):
       |bdigital, .flv file, sound 
336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
344    digital 
347    video file|bMPEG-4|bFlash 
500    Title from title frames. 
500    Film 
500    In Process Record. 
511 0  Davey Johnson, Elijah Reed, Sarah Hollis 
518    Originally produced by University of Southern California 
       Cinematic Arts in 2017. 
520    An absurdist short comedy that follows three intersecting 
       storylines, each of which deals with a different 
       contemporary cultural/societal theme. Harold, a white man,
       is told by his doctor that nothing is wrong with him - and
       yet he can’t seem to find use of his legs - so he has to 
       crawl and drag himself everywhere. Karen, meanwhile, is 
       out to dinner with a “man-splaining” man. Each time she 
       escapes to the bathroom to pop a pill, she returns to find
       that he has literally regressed in age. Michael, a young 
       black man, finds himself at the center of a racially 
       charged confrontation with the police after a man pulls a 
       gun on him while declaring “I’m not a racist!” Layers of 
       metaphor, physicalized through slapstick comedy and visual
       trickery paralleled between the main characters, build up 
       to a surreal and absurd cacophony that acts as a 
       commentary on our mutual distrust of one another, 
       questions our definitions of sanity, and contemplates how 
       to possibly stand up to it all. 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
546    In English 
650  0 Motion pictures. 
655  7 Feature films.|2lcgft 
700 1  Wright, Ewen,|efilm director. 
700 1  Johnson, Davey,|eactor. 
700 1  Reed, Elijah,|eactor. 
700 1  Hollis, Sarah,|eactor. 
710 2  University of Southern California Cinematic Arts (Firm),
710 2  Kanopy (Firm),|4dst 
856 40 |u|zA Kanopy 
       streaming video 
856 42 |zCover Image|u