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100 1  Wilson, Josephine. 
245 10 Extinctions|h[Overdrive electronic resource].|cJosephine 
260    |c2018. 
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520    Funny, poignant, and galvanizing by turns, Josephine 
       Wilson's award-winning novel explores many kinds of 
       extinction—natural, racial, national, and personal&
       #8212;and what we might do to prevent them. Professor 
       Frederick Lothian, retired engineer, has quarantined 
       himself in a place he hates: a retirement village. His 
       headstrong wife Martha, adored by all, is dead. His 
       adopted daughter Caroline has cut ties, and his son Callum
       is lost to him in his own way. And though Frederick knows,
       logically, that a structural engineer can devise a bridge 
       for any situation, somehow his own troubled family&
       #8212;fractured by years of secrets and lies—is 
       always just out of his reach.  When a series of 
       unfortunate incidents brings him and his spirited next-
       door neighbor Jan together, Frederick gets a chance to 
       build something new in the life he has left. At the age of
       69, he has to confront his most complex emotional 
       relationships and the haunting questions he's avoided all 
       his life. Unbeknownst to him, Caroline—on her own 
       journey of cultural reckoning—is doing the same. As 
       father and daughter fight in their own ways to save what's
       lost, they might finally find a way toward each other.  A 
       masterful portrait of a man caught by history, and a 
       sweeping meditation on the meaning of family, love, 
       survival, and identity, Extinctions asks an urgent 
       question: can we find the courage to change? 
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