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100 1  Thomas Ross, Lorrie 
245 10 Writing Press Releases.[ electronic resource] 
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505    Learn how to write effective press releases. Get your 
       company in the news while connecting to prospective 
       clients and customers. 
511 0  Lorrie Thomas Ross is a speaker, trainer, marketing expert,
       and the CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, a marketing agency 
       and training company that prescribes healthy marketing 
       solutions for businesses. Her expertise empowers 
       organizations to create scalable web solutions that brand 
       and boost business.   Lorrie has been teaching web 
       marketing since 2005, bridging the art and science of the 
       subject with huge success. UC Berkeley Extension picked up
       her classes in 2008. Today, Thomas is hired by 
       corporations for custom curriculum development.  Lorrie 
       was on the founding team at ValueClick Media and has 
       worked for CallWave, Inc. and Affinity Group, Inc. She 
       speaks nationally on a number of marketing-related topics 
       and writes for several online publications. She is the 
       author of The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online 
       Marketing. She has been featured in the media as a web 
       marketing expert by Inc., Forbes, SUCCESS Magazine, The 
       Associated Press, eCommerce Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, 
       DMNews, and TechNewsWorld. Visit her website at 
520    A well-written press release is an invaluable marketing 
       asset, but it's not written for the press alone. Press 
       releases do much more than spread news; they boost search 
       visibility, enhance customer service, increase brand 
       recognition, and support sales. In this short writing 
       course, marketing expert Lorrie Thomas shows you how to 
       write an effective press release. The course begins with a
       discussion of what press releases are and then walks you 
       through finding your story, preparing to write, getting 
       your head and subhead down, crafting body copy, adding 
       your boilerplate, and sending the release to media 
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