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100 1  Ghosh, Bijoy,|eauthor. 
245 10 Control in Robotics and Automation|h[O'Reilly electronic 
       resource] /|cGhosh, Bijoy. 
250    1st edition 
264  1 |bAcademic Press,|c1999. 
300    1 online resource (428 pages) 
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520    Microcomputer technology and micromechanical design have 
       contributed to recent rapid advances in Robotics. 
       Particular advances have been made in sensor technology 
       that allow robotic systems to gather data and react 
       "intelligently" in flexible manufacturing systems. The 
       analysis and recording of the data are vital to 
       controlling the robot. In order to solve problems in 
       control and planning for a Robotic system it is necessary 
       to meet the growing need for the integration of sensors in
       to the system. Control in Robotics and Automation 
       addresses this need. This book covers integration planning
       and control based on prior knowledge and real-time sensory
       information. A new task-oriented approach to sensing, 
       planning and control introduces an event-based method for 
       system design together with task planning and three 
       dimensional modeling in the execution of remote 
       operations. Typical remote systems are teleoperated and 
       provide work efficiencies that are on the order of ten 
       times slower than what is directly achievable by humans. 
       Consequently, the effective integration of automation into
       teleoperated remote systems offers potential to improve 
       remote system work efficiency. The authors introduce 
       visually guided control systems and study the role of 
       computer vision in autonomously guiding a robot system. * 
       Sensor-Based Planning and Control in an Event-Based 
       Approach * Visually Guided Sensing and Control * Multiple 
       Sensor Fuson in Planning and Control * System Integration 
       and Implementation * Practical Applications 
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