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110 2  STRFKR (Musical group) 
368    Musical groups|2lcsh 
370    |ePortland, Or. 
371    ||vFacebook, April 19, 2013 
372    Electronica (Music)|2lcsh 
510 2  |wr|iPredecessor:|aStarfucker (Musical group) 
670    STRFKR (Musical group). Miracle mile, 2013:|blabel 
670    Wikipedia, April 19, 2013|b(Starfucker; sometimes stylized
       as STRFKR, briefly known as PYRAMID and Pyramidd [i.e. 
       Pyramidd; no publications in OCLC]; electronica band from 
       Portland, Oregon formed in 2007, initially started as a 
       solo project for Joshua Hodges; in the fall of 2009, they 
       changed their name to PYRAMID then Pyramiddd, finally 
       reverting to Starfucker in April 2010, although they may 
       use the name STRFKR when touring; members: Joshua Hodges, 
       vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums; Shawn Glassford, bass, 
       keyboards, drums; Keil Corcoran, drums, keyboards, vocals;
       Patrick Morris, guitar keyboard, vocals) 
670    All music guide WWW site, April 19, 2013|b(STRFKR; indie 
       pop/indie electro band comprised of Sexton Blake's Josh 
       Hodges, Junkface's Ryan Bjornstad, and Mr. Fredrick's 
       Shawn Glassford, Keil Corcoran joining in 2009; originally
       named Starfucker; the band wrestled with a name change, 
       considering PYRAMID and Pyramiddd, deciding to stay with 
       Starfucker for the 2011 album Reptilians; changed name to 
       STRFKR in 2012) 
670    Facebook, April 19, 2013|b(Starfucker/STRFKR) 
670    STRFKR WWW site, April 19, 2013|b(STRFKR used consistently,
       but facsimiles of earlier albums show name Starfucker)