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245 00 HBR's 10 must reads on boards. 
246 3  Harvard Business Review's ten must reads on boards 
246 3  HBR's ten must reads on boards 
246 30 On boards 
264  1 Boston, Massachusetts :|bHarvard Business Review Press,
300    239 pages :|billustrations ;|c21 cm. 
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490 1  HBR's 10 must reads 
500    Includes index. 
520    "Serving on a board is like having a second full-time job.
       Earning a seat on a board is a rite of passage for senior 
       leaders. Serving on a board is an opportunity to share 
       your skills and extend your reach beyond your own 
       organization as you help select, appoint, and review the 
       performance of an organization's senior leadership team, 
       determine compensation and incentive plans, approve 
       strategic decisions, and ensure the financial well-being 
       of the organization in both the short- and long-term. But 
       in today's increasingly complex business environment, 
       serving on a board also means working to address detailed 
       issues such as increasing diversity on the board itself 
       and in the organization, ensuring a risk-mitigation plan 
       that prepares the organization for everything from hackers
       to sexual predators, and navigating big-picture challenges
       such as the unprecedented pace of change and disruption--
       all while managing financials and shareholder 
       expectations. If you read nothing else on boards, read 
       these 10 articles by experts in the field. We've combed 
       through hundreds of articles in the Harvard Business 
       Review archive and selected the most important ones to 
       help you address classic challenges such as increasing 
       diversity, ensuring a culture that reflects company values,
       and providing strategic oversight while also addressing 
       emerging issues such as shareholder activism, 
       cybersecurity, and ever-shifting regulations. This book 
       will inspire you to: collaborate effectively with the 
       other members of the board and executive team, anticipate 
       and address legislation and regulation issues, adopt a 
       company-centered model that prioritizes the health of the 
       enterprise over fattening shareholders' wallets, rethink 
       your role and attitude toward risk, support leadership 
       transitions, foster creative abrasion to keep ideas 
       flowing, manage and build relationships with the executive
       team--and your shareholders"--|cProvided by publisher. 
650  0 Boards of directors. 
650  0 Corporate governance. 
650  0 Advisory boards. 
650  0 Business planning. 
650  0 Strategic planning. 
650  0 Success in business. 
700 12 Sonnenfeld, Jeffrey A.,|d1954-tWhat makes great boards 
700 12 Nadler, David.|tBuilding better boards. 
700 12 Bower, Joseph L.|tError at the heart of corporate 
700 12 Taylor, Barbara E.|tNew work of the nonprofit board. 
700 12 Groysberg, Boris.|tDysfunction in the boardroom. 
700 12 Hill, Linda A.|q(Linda Annette),|d1956-|tBoard's new 
       innovation imperative. 
700 12 Kaplan, Robert S.|tManaging risks. 
700 12 Charan, Ram.|tEnding the CEO succession crisis. 
700 12 Ciampa, Dan.|tAfter the handshake. 
700 12 Gopalan, Radhakrishnan,|d1972-|tComp targets that work. 
830  0 HBR's 10 must reads (Series) 
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