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100 1  Shao, Zhong-Shi. 
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       |cZhong-shi Shao. 
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520    The author Pastor Zhongshi Shao uses "The Procrustean Bed"
       as the title, in the hope that everyone can understand, on
       the interpretation of the Bible is not the plane view of 
       the people to interpret. As I have repeatedly emphasized, 
       different times have different cultural backgrounds, ideas
       and values, we can never use that way of thinking time to 
       interpret the Bible, the events described, so that same 
       way of the brutality for the robbers procrustean. 
       Procrustean bed, its meaning is: insist consistent; 
       procrustean, far-fetched; forced to conform. I sincerely 
       look forward to, as Christians in 2010, could jump out of 
       the background of the framework of that era, so that we 
       recorded in the Bible and the revelation of God, have a 
       more correct view. Different times evoke different 
       cultural background, philosophies as well as value 
       systems. One should not use the mentalities of times past 
       to interpret the biblical descriptions of events. To do so
       would be no different than a malicious robber. About 
       author: In 1941 years, I was born in Shantou, Guangdong. 
       It was during the Japanese invasion to China. Internal to 
       meet the civil war of the K.M.T. with communist in exile 
       dispersion, 5 years old I went back to Kinmen father's 
       house. After poor, frail children, and fell down the pits 
       of born more children, school all day long for us to sing 
       songs of army and to release the mainland compatriots and 
       Kill Zue pull Moa...and by the military rule of non-
       rational is indeed a ridiculous feeling. During that bleak
       gray young, though these hardships, but in Kinmen, we 
       finally have our own homes. But, good times never last, 
       the Chinese civil war burn Golden Gate of my small island,
       by Kuningtou War, The 93 artillery, The 823 artillery. 
       During that gray teenage time was nothing but hardship. 
       First-year junior high school I fled again and boarded a 
       Navy ship to Taiwan, indeed baffling to thousands of miles
       away, far from Taiwan. Harm the poor homesick students, 
       lose, and children from poor families, have a meal without
       a meal, I slept in train stations, wharfs, parks...etc. I 
       was a drifter that drifted everywhere. I managed to attend
       Yuanling Senior High school with tremendous help from my 
       Father in law Geon Chin Shui and his family. I appreciate 
       full-hearted for their kindness of taken care of me. It 
       was a true bless. Then I was, enlisted in the military 
       after graduate from High school. There I served four year 
       and retired and earned myself a rank of Lieutenant 
       Engineering Officer. At the age of 26, I called upon by 
       God to preach. I got, married and took, my whole, family 
       to The Baptist Theology Seminary, where I studied for two 
       years. After that, I returned to Kinmen and served three 
       years as a pastor in Small Kinmen Island. Then I went back
       to The Baptist Theology Seminary for three more years to 
       my graduation. My first assignment was to preach at the 
       Presbyterian Church in Wuku. I was preaching and attending
       Taiwan Theology Seminary at the same time. I graduated in 
       1980 finished my disciplinary requirement. I was, assigned
       to Taimali Presbyterian Church. Six years later I was 
       transferred to Linko Presbyterian Church where I servers 
       22 years till my retirement. Pastor Zhong-Shi Shao is 
       currently serving as God's servant living in Taiwan. 
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