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100 1  Osama, Ahmad,|eauthor. 
245 10 Professional Azure SQL Managed Database Administration - 
       Third Edition|h[O'Reilly electronic resource] /|cOsama, 
250    3rd edition 
264  1 |bPackt Publishing,|c2021. 
300    1 online resource (724 pages) 
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520    Master data management by effectively utilizing the 
       features of Azure SQL database. Key Features Learn to 
       automate common management tasks with PowerShell. 
       Understand different methods to generate elastic pools and
       shards to scale Azure SQL databases. Learn to develop a 
       scalable cloud solution through over 40 practical 
       activities and exercises. Book Description Despite being 
       the cloud version of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and 
       Azure SQL Managed Instance stands out in various aspects 
       when it comes to management, maintenance, and 
       administration. Updated with the latest Azure features, 
       Professional Azure SQL Managed Database Administration 
       continues to be a comprehensive guide for becoming 
       proficient in data management. The book begins by 
       introducing you to the Azure SQL managed databases (Azure 
       SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance), explaining 
       their architecture, and how they differ from an on-
       premises SQL server. You will then learn how to perform 
       common tasks, such as migrating, backing up, and restoring
       a SQL Server database to an Azure database. As you 
       progress, you will study how you can save costs and manage
       and scale multiple SQL databases using elastic pools. You 
       will also implement a disaster recovery solution using 
       standard and active geo-replication. Finally, you will 
       explore the monitoring and tuning of databases, the key 
       features of databases, and the phenomenon of app 
       modernization. By the end of this book, you will have 
       mastered the key aspects of an Azure SQL database and 
       Azure SQL managed instance, including migration, backup 
       restorations, performance optimization, high availability,
       and disaster recovery. What you will learn Understanding 
       Azure SQL database configuration and pricing options 
       Provisioning a new SQL database or migrating an existing 
       on-premises SQL Server database to an Azure SQL database 
       Backing up and restoring an Azure SQL database Securing 
       and scaling an Azure SQL database Monitoring and tuning an
       Azure SQL database Implementing high availability and 
       disaster recovery with an Azure SQL database Managing, 
       maintaining, and securing managed instances Who this book 
       is for This book is designed to benefit database 
       administrators, database developers, or application 
       developers who are interested in developing new 
       applications or migrating existing ones with Azure SQL 
       database. Prior experience of working with an on-premise 
       SQL Server or Azure SQL database along with a basic 
       understanding of PowerShell scri... 
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