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-- See Also Adams, S. J., 1980-

2 Selzer, Adam.    
      Extraordinary [OverDrive electronic resource] : the true story of my fairy godparent, who almost kil [Fic]   EBOOK 2011
      The ghosts of Chicago : the windy city's most famous haunts 133.1097731 SEL ; 95th Street Adult Nonfiction:DUE 02-08-22, Naper Blvd. Adult Nonfiction:AVAILABLE, Nichols Adult Nonfiction:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2013
      H. H. Holmes : the true history of the White City Devil BIO HOLMES ; 95th Street Adult Biography:IN TRANSIT, Naper Blvd. Adult Biography:IN TRANSIT, Nichols Adult Biography:AVAILABLE   BOOK 2017
      H. H. Holmes [UNABRIDGED sound recording] : the true history of the White City devil 364.1523092 SEL ; Naper Blvd. Adult Books on CD Nonfiction:AVAILABLE   BOOK ON CD 2017
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