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245 04 The forgotten space|h[Hoopla electronic resource]. 
260    [United States] :|bIcarus Films :|bMade available through 
300    1 online resource (1 video file (ca. 112 min.)) :|bsd., 
506    Digital content provided by hoopla. 
508    Directed by No︠l Burch. 
511 0  Narrator, Allan Sekula. 
520    The "forgotten space" of Allan Sekula and No︠l Burch's 
       essay film is the sea, the oceans through which 90% of the
       world's cargo now passes. At the heart of this space is 
       the container box, which, since its invention in the 1950s,
       has become one of the most important mechanisms for the 
       global spread of capitalism. The film follows the 
       container box along the international supply chain, from 
       ships to barges, trains, and trucks, mapping the byzantine
       networks that connect producers to consumers (and more and
       more frequently, producing nations to consuming ones). 
       Visiting the major ports of Rotterdam, Los Angeles, Hong 
       Kong, Guangdong province, and many places between, it 
       connects the economic puzzle pieces that corporations and 
       governments would prefer remain scattered. We meet people 
       who have been reduced to cogs in this increasingly 
       automated machine - the invisible laborers who staff the 
       cargo ships, steer the barges, drive the trucks, and 
       migrate to the factories, and whose low wages form the 
       base of the entire enterprise. The film also introduces us
       to those who this system's efficiency has marginalized: 
       the longtime unemployed occupants of a California tent 
       city, Dutch farmers whose land is bisected by a new high-
       speed train line, and the displaced residents of Doel, 
       Belgium, whose city is slated for demolition in order to 
       expand the port of Antwerp. Employing a wide range of 
       materials and styles, from interviews to classic film 
       clips, essayistic voiceover to observational footage, The 
       Forgotten Space provides a panoramic portrait of the new 
       global economy and a compelling argument about why it must
521 8  Not rated. 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
650  0 Freight and freightage|xSocial aspects. 
650  0 Harbors|xSocial aspects. 
650  0 Globalization. 
650  0 Business logistics|xSocial aspects. 
700 1  Reemst, Frank van,|efilm producer. 
700 1  Verheij, Joost,|efilm producer. 
700 1  Lucassen, Vincent,|efilm producer. 
700 1  Sinzinger, Ebba,|efilm producer. 
700 1  Burch, Noël,|d1932-|efilm director,|escreenwriter. 
700 1  Sekula, Allan,|efilm director,|escreenwriter. 
700 1  Burch, Noël,|d1932-|efilm director. 
700 1  Sekula, Allan,|efilm director,|enarrator,|escreenwriter. 
700 1  Andriessen, Louis,|d1939-|ecomposer. 
700 1  Tesi, Riccardo|c(Accordionist),|ecomposer. 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
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