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100 1  Robinson, Ian 
245 10 Mograph Techniques: Dynamic Camera Movement.[ 
       electronic resource] 
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500 0  01/09/2014 
505    Create exciting and complex camera movements with the 
       combined power of After Effects, CINEMA 4D, and C4D Lite. 
511 0  Ian Robinson is a motion graphics designer, instructor, 
       photographer, and co-owner of SoftBox Media LLC. He has 
       worked with Discovery Communications, National Geographic 
       International, and various production and post-production 
       facilities. Though he specializes in broadcast, Ian is 
       truly a format agnostic, with an extensive portfolio 
       covering print, HD, DVD, and podcasting. He uses whichever
       medium most effectively delivers the message his client 
       wants to convey. Teaching is also an important aspect of 
       Ian's work, and he believes that one has only truly 
       learned one's craft after teaching it. 
520    Take a round-trip tour through the cameras in After 
       Effects, CINEMA 4D, and C4D Lite. Ian Robinson shows you 
       how to gain control over the different types of cameras in
       these three powerhouse motion graphics programs, and 
       generate even more dynamic, interesting effects. First, he
       shows how to create and animate a simple camera rig in 
       After Effects, and then jumps to C4D Lite to introduce 3D 
       elements into the animation. Next, Ian uses CINEMA 4D's 
       more robust toolset to further refine the camera 
       positioning and movement. The last chapter takes you back 
       to where it all began in After Effects, where you tie all 
       the comps and graphics together, add transitions, and 
       render the final project. 
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