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245 04 The Java Spirit: Religious Diversity in Indonesia|h[Kanopy
       electronic resource] 
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306    Duration: 45 minutes 
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500    In Process Record. 
518    Originally produced by Ronin Films in 2013. 
520    The Java Spirit is an exploration of changing attitudes to
       religion and spirituality in Java, Indonesia. Java is home
       to a diverse array of spiritual traditions, influenced by 
       all the world religions but building also on its own 
       unique heritage. The Javanese spiritual heritage is rich 
       but not as well known to the Western public as is Indian 
       yoga, for example. Java Spirit provides a glimpse of some 
       of the many unique and fascinating forms of the Javanese 
       tradition. While it has been a part of the human journey 
       from prehistoric times and remains an important force in 
       contemporary societies, religion is also culturally 
       diverse and changeable across time. This is because 
       religion must evolve to meet the changing life experiences
       and needs of people across different societies and 
       historical periods. Radical cultural and economic changes 
       in the wake of globalisation have created similar living 
       conditions for a large proportion of humanity today. 
       Religious trends in contemporary Indonesia reflect these 
       global societal changes, and similar religious responses 
       in western societies and elsewhere. This is important to 
       note because western media have bombarded us with 
       misleading negative stereotypes of Islamic countries like 
       Indonesia, producing ignorance, fear and hostility, in 
       line with the questionable geopolitical objectives of the 
       so-called "War on Terror". The Java Spirit explores some 
       of the new forms of religiosity emerging in contemporary 
       Indonesia, focusing in particular on Java, Indonesia's 
       political center and most populous island. Attitudes 
       toward religion are changing in this increasingly urban, 
       middle class, media-driven, late modern consumer society. 
       At the same time, local spiritual traditions and 
       associated value systems serve as a critique of late 
       modernity and as a foundation for imagining alternative 
       futures. Directed by Agus Purwanto. Produced by Thomas 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
546    In English 
653    Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 
653    K-12 
653    Religion and Philosophy 
700 1  Purwanto, Agus,|efilmmaker 
710 2  Kanopy (Firm) 
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       streaming video 
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