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245 00 5-minute Star Wars stories. 
246 3  Five minute Star Wars stories 
246 30 Star Wars stories 
250    First edition. 
264  1 Los Angeles :|bDisney Lucasfilm Press,|c2015. 
264  4 |c©2015 
300    171 pages :|bcolor illustrations ;|c28 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
336    still image|bsti|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    ""Race to the finish line," "Yoda and the Count," and "The
       last adventure" written by Rebecca L. Schmidt; "Escape 
       from Darth Vader" written by Brooke Dworkin and 
       illustrated by Stephane Roux; "Destroy the death star!" 
       written by Trey King; "The battle of Hoth" written by 
       Calliope Glass; "A Jedi, you must become" written by Andy 
       Schmidt and illustrated by Stephane Roux and Pilot Studio;
       "Rescue from Jabba's palace" and The Ewoks join the fight"
       written by Brooke Dworkin; "A friend for Rey" and 
       "Rathtars on the loose!" written by Elizabeth Schaefer; 
       unless otherwise noted, all illustrations by Pilot Studio"
       --Title page verso. 
505 00 |tRace to the finish line --|tYoda and the count --|gThe
       |tlast adventure --|tEscape from Darth Vader --|tDestroy 
       the Death Star! --|gThe|tbattle of Hoth --|gA|tJedi, you 
       must become --|tRescue from Jabba's palace --|gThe|tEwoks 
       join the fight --|gA|tfriend for Rey --|tRathtars on the 
520    "Blast off into hyperspace with these eleven action-packed
       Star Wars tales! Jedi Master Yoda has a lightsaber 
       showdown with the dreaded Count Dooku; Luke Skywalker and 
       the Rebels race against time to destroy the Death Star; 
       and the brave Rey makes a new friend when she meets the 
       droid BB-8. Each of these stories is the ideal length for 
       reading aloud in five minutes--perfect for galactic 
       adventures at lightspeed."--Back cover. Adapted from all 
       seven Star Wars films, including Star Wars: The Force 
650  0 Star Wars fiction|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Imaginary wars and battles|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Life on other planets|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Extraterrestrial beings|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Space warfare|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Short stories|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Science fiction|vJuvenile fiction. 
650  0 Picture books for children|vJuvenile fiction. 
655  7 Science fiction.|2lcgft 
710 2  Pilot Studio,|eillustrator. 
730 0  Star wars (Motion picture) 
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