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100 1  Omar, Danielle. 
245 10 Skinny Juices|h[Axis 360 electronic resource] :|b101 Juice
       Recipes for Detox and Weight Loss /|cDanielle Omar. 
260    New York :|bDa Capo Press,|c2014. 
300    1 online resource (257 p.) 
500    Description based upon print version of record. 
505 0  Introduction; How to Use This Book; PART ONE: WHY JUICE?; 
       1. Juicing Benefits and Philosophy; 2. Juicing vs. 
       Blending; PART TWO: DESIGNING YOUR DETOX; 3. Why Detox? 
       Benefits and Philosophy; 4. Your Daily Detox Plan; PART 
       THREE: LET'S GET JUICING; 5. Ingredients and Juicing Tips;
       6. Cleansing and Detoxifying Juices; Kiwi Cleanse; The 
       Feast; Spicy Salsa; Tropical Greens; Clean Green Zinger; 
       Cosmic Love; Beet Red; Radically Perfect; Weed Whacker; 
       Pom Bomb; Cleansing Lemonade; Sea Green; Ravishing Radish;
       D-Tox Delight; Fly By Fennel; Lemon Sprout; Licorice 
       Lately; Spicy Gazpacho 
505 8  Minty MojitoGreen Mary Detox; Dande-Mint; Ginger Rogers 
       Ale; Fennel of Love; Garlic-Cress; 7. Juices for Weight 
       Loss; Moji-cama; Tickled Pink; O2 Builder; Kiwi Kooler; 
       Red Fresca; Green Machine; Baby, I'm Amazed; Mint 
       Extravaganza; Natural Born Pain Killer; Got Broccoli?; 
       Cucumber Cooler; You Say Tomato; Energize Tea; Pom Power; 
       Green Applesauce; Jicama Fiesta; Naturalizer; Green and 
       Red; Summer Sun; Green Recovery; Fuzzy Navel; Wicked 
       Watermelon; 8. Super Immunity Juices; Flower Power; Matcha
       Pear Tea; Allergy Cure; Warm Glow; Flu Schmoo; Sweet 
       Fennel; Peachy Keen; Swiss Beet; "C" You Later 
505 8  Orange GlowCitrus Delight; Grape Ape; Sweet and Spicy; 
       'Flammation Fighter; Taste of Thai; Red Root; 9. Juices 
       for Anti-Aging and Glowing Skin; Radiance; The Renovator; 
       Purify; Heart Strong; Berry Delicious; Sweet Thailand; 
       Coco-loupe; Bone Up; Honey Boo-Boo; Red Light, Green 
       Light; Sassy Po-Tassy; Skin Saver; Green Sunscreen; Age 
       Defyer; Skin Secret Sauce; Ageless Elixir; Cabbage Crazy; 
       10. Juices for Digestive Health; P2 the C; Gut Soother; 
       Mornin' Glory; Orange Julius; Clear the Air; Red Reviver; 
       Go with the Flow; Swiss Miss; Smooth Sailin'; Piña Colada;
505 8  11. Cancer-Fighting JuicesSpicy Sprouts; Green Machine; 
       Greek Goodness; Minty Melon; Red Defense; Vital C; Power 
       House; Blue Love; Extreme Green; Amazing Arugula; 
       Broccomania; Metric Conversions; Fruit and Vegetable 
       Nutrient Table; Resources; Notes; Bibliography; 
       Acknowledgments; Index 
520    Recipes for fruit and vegetable juices that promote weight
       loss and detoxification-with information on incorporating 
       juicing into a healthier lifestyle. 
650  4 Detoxification (Health) 
650  4 Health. 
650  4 Nutrition. 
650  4 Reducing diets. 
650  4 Weight loss. 
655  7 Electronic books.|2local 
710 2  Baker & Taylor Axis 360 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aOmar, Danielle|tSkinny Juices : 101 
       Juice Recipes for Detox and Weight Loss|dNew York : Da 
       Capo Press,c2014|z9780738217574 
856 4  |u