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100 1  Phaltankar, Amit,|eauthor. 
245 10 MongoDB Fundamentals|h[O'Reilly electronic resource] /
       |cPhaltankar, Amit. 
250    1st edition 
264  1 |bPackt Publishing,|c2020. 
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520    Learn how to deploy and monitor databases in the cloud, 
       manipulate documents, visualize data, and build 
       applications running on MongoDB using Node.js Key Features
       Learn the fundamentals of NoSQL databases with MongoDB 
       Create, manage, and optimize a MongoDB database in the 
       cloud using Atlas Use a real-world dataset to gain 
       practical experience of handling big data Book Description
       MongoDB is one of the most popular database technologies 
       for handling large collections of data. This book will 
       help MongoDB beginners develop the knowledge and skills to
       create databases and process data efficiently. Unlike 
       other MongoDB books, MongoDB Fundamentals dives into cloud
       computing from the very start - showing you how to get 
       started with Atlas in the first chapter. You will discover
       how to modify existing data, add new data into a database,
       and handle complex queries by creating aggregation 
       pipelines. As you progress, you'll learn about the MongoDB
       replication architecture and configure a simple cluster. 
       You will also get to grips with user authentication, as 
       well as techniques for backing up and restoring data. 
       Finally, you'll perform data visualization using MongoDB 
       Charts. You will work on realistic projects that are 
       presented as bitesize exercises and activities, allowing 
       you to challenge yourself in an enjoyable and attainable 
       way. Many of these mini-projects are based around a movie 
       database case study, while the last chapter acts as a 
       final project where you will use MongoDB to solve a real-
       world problem based on a bike-sharing app. By the end of 
       this book, you'll have the skills and confidence to 
       process large volumes of data and tackle your own projects
       using MongoDB. What you will learn Set up and use MongoDB 
       Atlas on the cloud Insert, update, delete, and retrieve 
       data from MongoDB Build aggregation pipelines to perform 
       complex queries Optimize queries using indexes Monitor 
       databases and manage user authorization Improve 
       scalability and performance with sharding clusters 
       Replicate clusters, back up your database, and restore 
       data Create data-driven charts and reports from real-time 
       data Who this book is for This book is designed for people
       who are new to MongoDB. It is suitable for developers, 
       database administrators, system administrators, and cloud 
       architects who are looking to use MongoDB for smooth data 
       processing in the cloud. Although not necessary, basic 
       knowledge of a general programming language and experience
       with other databases will h... 
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