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100 1  Milbrandt, Jay,|d1982-|eauthor. 
245 10 They came for freedom|h[Overdrive electronic resource] :
       |bthe forgotten, epic adventure of the pilgrims /|cJay 
264  1 Nashville, Tennessee :|bNelson Books, an imprint of Thomas
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505 0  Part I. Faith -- The clink -- The slave -- Dissenters -- 
       Return to slavery -- Part II. Freedom -- A new world 
       awaits -- Escape -- Storms on the ocean -- Part III. 
       Thanks -- The new world -- A long and difficult winter -- 
       War -- The hope of peace -- TKTKTKT -- Thanksgiving -- 
520    Once a year at Thanksgiving, we encounter Pilgrims as 
       folksy people in funny hats before promptly forgetting 
       them. In the centuries since America began, the Pilgrims 
       have been relegated to folklore and children’s stories, 
       fairy-tale mascots for holiday parties and greeting cards.
       The true story of the Pilgrim Fathers could not be more 
       different. Beginning with the execution of two pastors 
       deviating from the Elizabethan Church of England, the 
       Pilgrims’ great journey was one of courageous faith, 
       daring escape, and tenuous survival. Theirs is the story 
       of refugees who fled intense religious persecution; of 
       dreamers who voyaged the Atlantic and into the unknown 
       when all other attempts had led to near-certain death; of 
       survivors who struggled with newfound freedom. Loneliness 
       led to starvation, tension gave way to war with natives, 
       and suspicion broke the back of the very freedom they 
       endeavored to achieve.  Despite the pain and turmoil of 
       this high stakes triumph, the Pilgrim Fathers built the 
       cornerstone for a nation dedicated to faith, freedom, and 
       thankfulness. This is the epic story of the Pilgrims, an 
       adventure that laid the bedrock for the Founding Fathers, 
       the Constitution, and the American identity. 
533    Electronic reproduction.|bNashville|cThomas Nelson|d2017
       |nAvailable via World Wide Web. 
610 20 Mayflower (Ship) 
650  0 Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony) 
651  0 Massachusetts|xHistory|yNew Plymouth, 1620-1691. 
655  7 Electronic books.|2local 
710 2  OverDrive, Inc.,|edistributor. 
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