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110 2  Eastman Kodak Company 
410 2  Eastman Kodak Company of New Jersey 
410 2  Kodak 
510 2  Eastman Chemical Company 
510 2  Eastman Kodak Company of New York 
510 2  Kodak Limited 
670    Eastman prof. motion picture films, c1982 (subdiv.)|bcover
670    NUCMC data from N.J. Hist. Soc. for Pell, C.H. Papers, 
       1853-1906|b(Eastman Kodak Company) 
670    LC man. auth. cd.|b(Eastman Kodak Company; an original 
       business was est. by Eastman in Sept., 1880; succeeded by 
       Eastman Dry Plate Co., 1881; Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co.,
       1884; Eastman Co., 1889; Eastman Kodak Co. (of New York), 
       1892; Eastman Kodak Co. (of New Jersey), originally a 
       holding co., then an operating co., and from May 1921 to 
       Sept. 1936 acted as a holding co., when upon the 
       dissolution of Eastman Kodak Co. of N.Y. it became an 
       operating co.) 
670    Ackerman, C.W. George Eastman, c.1973|b(Eastman Dry Plate 
       Company; succeeded by Eastman Dry Plate & Film Company of 
       Rochester, incorp. Oct. 1, 1884 and purchased plant and 
       stock of Eastman Dry Plate Company; Eastman Company 
       incorp. in Rochester, N.Y. Dec. 1889; chgd. name to 
       Eastman Kodak Company May 23, 1892; Eastman Kodak Company 
       of New Jersey incorp. Oct. 24, 1901 to acquire the stock 
       of or absorb the various manufacturing and sell 
       corporations known as: Kodak, Limited, London; Eastman 
       Kodak Company, Rochester, New York; and the General Aristo
       Company, Rochester, New York; Eastman Kodak Societe 
       Anonyme Francaise, of France; and Kodak Gesellschaft 
       m.b.H., of Berlin) 
670    Information from 678 converted Dec. 15, 2014|b(Inc. in 
       N.J. Oct. 24, 1901)