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511 1  Read by Richard Arjun Kaul. 
520    "An Impossible Victory" is a story about one man's 
       determination and relentless pursuit to expose corruption 
       within American state medical boards and the New Jersey 
       state courts and government. It follows the journey of 
       physician Richard Arjun Kaul, MD, as he doggedly, and 
       against all odds, fights his way back professional 
       annihilation. In the process he lays bare how branches of 
       the American government have sold their souls and the 
       American people to criminally configured insurance 
       companies, and how these Faustian, devil-like pacts have 
       caused mass suicides and incarceration of innocent 
       physicians and chronic pain patients. "An Impossible 
       Victory" is a David v. Goliath tale, in which Richard, a 
       highly qualified surgeon, who despite his complete lack of
       legal training, achieved through his drive and persistence,
       unprecedented legal milestones. It is the story of a man, 
       who overcame immense hardships in childhood, to enter at 
       the age of eighteen, one of the world's top medical 
       schools. A poverty stricken Indian immigrant, who grew up 
       in Britain in the 1970s and fought rampant racism. A man 
       whose mother died when he was fourteen, whose father died 
       when he was sixteen and who, in 1999, challenged the 
       British Government in a landmark legal case. A challenge 
       that caused him to become the subject of a retaliatory 
       prosecution by the Crown Prosecution Service, in a 
       criminal case tried at the Old Bailey, that could have 
       resulted in him spending the rest of his life in jail. The
       high profile trial was widely reported, Richard was found 
       guilty, but on February 22, 2001, he walked out of the 
       court a free man. In September 2001 he returned to the 
       United States, having left in 1995, after six years of 
       post-graduate residency training in general surgery, 
       anesthesiology and interventional pain. Shortly after his 
       return to the US he rose to the top of the emerging field 
       of minimally invasive spine surgery, and built one of the 
       most successful practices in the country. It was from this
       pinnacle of success, that in 2012, he was professionally 
       attacked and his life destroyed by physician competitors, 
       who became jealous of his rapid professional ascent. But 
       come 2016, he rose once again from the ashes of his life, 
       but this time in the world of law, a Phoenix-like rise 
       that contributed to the destruction of the political 
       career of ex-New Jersey Governor, Christopher J. Christie.
       The story describes how, from 2012, some of the wealthiest
       and most powerful corporations and individuals in the 
       United States, including Christie, Geico Insurance Company,
       a corporation owned by Warren Buffet, Allstate Insurance 
       Company and Senator Charles E. Schumer, sought to 
       professionally discredit Richard and obstruct his 
       prosecution of a federal racketeering lawsuit. The story's
       foundation consists of a series of intense, life changing 
       legal proceedings that commenced in 2012 with the illegal 
       suspension and then in 2014, the revocation of his New 
       Jersey medical license, after his competitors had bribed 
       Christie to have the medical board destroy his 
       professional career. It details massive schemes of perjury,
       judicial corruption and evidence tampering within the 
       legal proceedings. The story shows the reader how rampant 
       medical board corruption is responsible for the current 
       epidemic of physician and patient suicides, and how 
       Richard's prosecution of the federal racketeering lawsuits
       will cause a "Reformation of American Medical Boards", and
       will result in political campaign finance reform. A 
       revolution that will change the world. "An Impossible 
       Victory" is a story that weaves together the worlds of 
       medicine, law, business and politics at the highest levels,
       in a literary tapestry that no one but Richard could have 
       woven. It is a story of resilience, of honor, of courage, 
       but most of all, it is a story of one man's relentless 
       search for the truth and justice. 
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