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100 1  Hecker, Kelley 
245 10 Scripting Unity with C#.[ electronic resource] 
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505    Learn how to create and attach C# scripts to Unity game 
       objects to control their appearance and behavior, in these
       Unity scripting tutorials. 
511 0  Kelley Hecker has had a passion for playing and creating 
       games her whole life. She turned that passion into a 
       career as a game development engineer, and has worked with
       companies such as Mattel, Disney, and Jakks Pacific, 
       creating mobile games and apps. Always on the cutting edge,
       Kelley has developed applications utilizing some of the 
       latest technology, including augmented reality, virtual 
       reality, and gesture recognition. In her free time she 
       enjoys working on her own game projects, participating in 
       game jams, horseback riding, and cooking. Kelley holds a 
       BS in computer science from the California Institute of 
520    Unity games can be scripted in several languages, but the 
       most popular and powerful choice is C#. In this course, 
       game development engineer Kelley Hecker walks through the 
       process of creating and attaching C# scripts to your game 
       objects in order to customize their appearance and control
       their behavior. The course includes an in-depth 
       exploration of the MonoDevelop scripting environment; 
       MonoBehaviour, the base class for almost every script; and
       Unity's built-in classes, which prime your scripts for 
       success. Plus, get an introduction to using the singleton 
       pattern to manage game states and using events to respond 
       to user input (for example, to deal damage when a player 
       makes a mistake). 
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       Internet connection. 
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