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245 00 Chronicles of the ghostly tribe|h[Hoopla electronic 
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508    Directed by Chuan Lu. 
511 1  Rhydian Vaughan, Mark Chao, Yao Chen, Jin Chen, Li Feng, 
       Wang Qingxiang. 
520    The Mongolian Border, 1979: Massive fossils of unknown 
       creatures are discovered in the mountains, and the 
       research team assigned to excavate the remains includes 
       acclaimed Professor Yang (Wang Qingxiang), Hu Bayi (Mark 
       Chao), and Ping (Yao Chen), the professor's beautiful 
       daughter. When a freak explosion, lethal bat attack, and 
       fall to the mountain's floor leaves only a handful of 
       survivors, the small remaining band uncovers a mythic 
       Cyclopean Temple - and an Interdimensional Portal that 
       looses a pack of ravenous Hell-Beasts, leaving only Hu 
       alive. New York City, Present Day: Now living a quiet but 
       tormented life as a librarian, Hu studies demonology 
       manuscripts to find answers for that fateful day. Little 
       does he know that Professor Yang has just been found 
       wandering the mountains thousands of miles from where he 
       supposedly died; a young woman with amnesia was just 
       discovered in a recently-uncovered tomb; and a Northern 
       Chinese mining town has just been ravaged by giant, 
       unknown creatures... 
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650  0 Fossils|vDrama. 
650  0 Temples|vDrama. 
650  0 Tombs|vDrama. 
650  1 Chinese language materials 
655  7 Chinese language materials.|2local 
700 1  Lu, Chuan,|d1971-|efilm director. 
700 1  Feng, Xiaoyue,|d1988-|eactor. 
700 1  Zhao, Youting,|eactor. 
700 1  Yao, Chen,|d1979-|eactor. 
700 1  Tang, Yan,|d1986-|eactor. 
700 1  Li, Chen,|d1978-|eactor. 
700 1  Li, Guangjie,|d1981-|eactor. 
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