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100 1  Dasgupta, Rana,|d1971-|eauthor. 
245 10 Capital:|ba portrait of twenty-first century Delhi
       |h[Hoopla electronic resource] /|cRana Dasgupta. 
250    Unabridged. 
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511 1  Read by Dana Hickox. 
520    In Capital, Commonwealth Prize-winning author Rana 
       Dasgupta examines one of the great trends of our time: the
       expansion of the global elite. Capital is an intimate 
       portrait of the city of Delhi which bears witness to the 
       extraordinary transmogrification of India's capital. But 
       it also offers a glimpse of what capitalism will become in
       the coming, post-Western world. The story of Delhi is a 
       parable for where we are all headed. The boom following 
       the opening up of India's economy plunged Delhi into a 
       tumult of destruction and creation: slums and markets were
       ripped down, and shopping malls and apartment blocks 
       erupted from the ruins. Many fortunes were made, and in 
       the glassy stores nestled among the new highways, 
       customers paid for global luxury with bags of cash. But 
       the transformation was stern, abrupt and fantastically 
       unequal, and it gave rise to strange and bewildering 
       feelings. The city brimmed with ambition and rage. Violent
       crimes stole the headlines. In the style of V. S. 
       Naipaul's now classic personal journeys, Dasgupta shows us
       this city through the eyes of its people. With the 
       lyricism and empathy of a novelist, Dasgupta takes us 
       through a series of encounters - with billionaires and 
       bureaucrats, drug dealers and metal traders, slum dwellers
       and psychoanalysts - which plunge us into Delhi's 
       intoxicating, and sometimes terrifying, story of 
       capitalist transformation. Together these people comprise 
       a generation on the cusp, like that of Gilded Age New York
       : who they are, and what they want, says a tremendous 
       amount about what the world will look like in the rest of 
       the twenty-first century. Interweaving over a century of 
       history with his personal journey, Dasgupta presents us 
       with the first literary portrait of one of the twenty-
       first century's fastest-growing megalopolises - a dark and
       uncanny portrait that gives us insights, too, as to the 
       nature of our own - everyone's - shared, global future. 
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651  0 Delhi (India)|xEconomic conditions|y21st century. 
651  0 Delhi (India)|xSocial conditions|y21st century. 
700 1  Hickox, Dana,|enarrator. 
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