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245 04 The rule of lead|h[Hoopla electronic resource]. 
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       through hoopla,|c2015. 
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508    Directed by Giacomo Arrigoni. 
511 1  Alice Arcuri, Fabio Ardu, Alessio Aronne, Carlo Astengo, 
       Vittoria Astengo, Angela Atteo, David Crippa, Fabio Viana,
       Gledis Cinque, Marco Continanza, Antonio Carlucci. 
520    Following otherworldly plans which he finds very annoying,
       Humphrey, the ghost of a murderer, is forced to team up 
       with Lara, a lonely teenage girl ignored by parents and 
       society. Unable to touch things and assume a human form 
       that would lead to the ultimate demise of his soul, 
       Humphrey must lead the girl to save two kidnapped children
       as a way to redeem himself and finally abandon Earth. The 
       two make an unpredictable rough pair and explore the old 
       mansion where some criminals are holding the children for 
       their shady business. The ghost and the girl find the 
       children and try to draw the attention of the city, but 
       nobody listens to them: they're just invisible creatures 
       trying to point out the existence of two invisible 
       children. Unable to believe in himself and convinced that 
       he is damned forever, Humphrey abandons the mission and 
       vanishes, forcing Lara to act on her own to save the kids.
       But when the criminals kidnap Lara, Humphrey realizes that
       he must do his best to awaken the entire city and open the
       eyes of the people who continue to ignore the existence of
       the prisoners. Then, as he recalls what his alchemist 
       father told him when he was a child, that even the most 
       impure stone can be transformed into gold, Humphrey faces 
       the most difficult choice of his afterlife: remaining 
       damned forever or risking a final death by taking on human
       form to free the prisoners - a choice that can transform 
       his soul from lead to gold. 
521 8  Not rated. 
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700 1  Arcuri, Alice. 
700 1  Ardu, Fabio. 
700 1  Aronne, Alessio. 
700 1  Astengo, Carlo. 
700 1  Astengo, Vittoria. 
700 1  Atteo, Angela. 
700 1  Crippa, David. 
700 1  Viana, Fabio. 
700 1  Cinque, Gledis. 
700 1  Continanza, Marco. 
700 1  Carlucci, Antonio. 
710 2  hoopla digital. 
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