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053  0 PS3569.I5257 
100 1  Lerangis, Peter 
370    New York (N.Y.) 
372    Children's literature 
374    Author 
375    male 
377    eng 
500 1  |wnnnc|aBlair, Alison 
500 1  |wnnnc|aBurke, Morgan 
500 1  |wnnnc|aCooper, M. E. 
500 1  |wnnnc|aSinger, A. L. 
500 1  |wnnnc|aSprengle, Artie,|d1955- 
500 1  |wnnnc|aVolting, R. E. 
500 1  |wnnnc|aNesbitt, Paterson 
663    For works by this author written under other names, search
       also under:|bBlair, Alison.|bBurke, Morgan.|bCooper, M. E.
       |bSinger, A. L.|bSprengle, Artie, 1955-|bVolting, R. E.
       |bNesbitt, Paterson. 
670    His A kid's guide to New York City, c1988:|bt.p. verso 
       (Peter Lerangis) 
670    Driver's dead, c1994:|bt.p. (Peter Lerangis) p. 219 
       (author of The yearbook as well as many movie 
       novelizations under the pseud. A.L. Singer; lives in 
670    His Zap!, 2002:|bt.p. (Peter Lerangis; subtitle: science 
       fair surprise; series title: Abracadabra!) p. 90 (author 
       of Watchers science fiction/mystery series, Antartica, and
       several comedic novels for young readers including Spring 
       fever!, Spring break, etc.; has adapted movies including 
       The sixth sense and El Dorado; r. in New York, N.Y. with 
       wife Tina deVaron and two sons, Nick and Joe) 
670    Fantastic fiction website, Oct. 16, 2002|b(Peter Lerangis;
       has written for the Abracadabra and Watcher series; novels
       include Driver's dead (1994), Spring fever! (1996), Spring
       break (1997), The sixth sense (2000), etc.) 
670    Biog. resource center (Contemp. authors), Nov. 28, 2007
       |b(Peter Lerangis; also known as Franklin W. Dixon, A.L. 
       Singer; b. Aug. 19, 1955, New York, N.Y.; freelance writer,
       1986-; other pseudonyms: Dr. R.E. Volting (Shrek gag book,
       2001); Artie Sprengle (Madagascar joke book, 2005); Morgan
       Burke (The party room #1: get it started, 2005; The party 
       room #3: last call, 2005); Alison Blair (Campus fever, 
       1988); M.E. Cooper (Falling for you, 1988); Carolyn Keene)
670    Lerangis, Peter. The lost girls, 2015:|btitle page (After 
       hours / Paterson Nesbitt ; The three works in this edition
       were previously published with the author pseudonym Morgan
       Burke) inside back cover (Paterson Nesbitt is a pseudonym)