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019    sky201207269 
020    9780789318916|qhardcover|c$45.00 
020    0789318911|qhardcover|c$45.00 
037    |bRandom House Inc, Attn Order Entry 400 Hahn rd, 
       Westminster, MD, USA, 21157|nSAN 201-3975 
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082 04 759|222 
092    759|bCRE 
100 1  Crenshaw, Paul. 
245 10 Discovering the great masters :|bthe art lover's guide to 
       understanding symbols in paintings /|cPaul Crenshaw with 
       Rebecca Tucker and Alexandra Bonfante-Warren. 
246 30 Art lover's guide to understanding symbols in paintings 
264  1 New York, NY :|bUniverse,|c[2009] 
264  4 |ccopyright 2009 
300    308 pages :|bcolor illustrations ;|c34 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Includes index. 
505 00 |tThe last judgement /|rGiotto di Bondone --|tSecrets of 
       the animal world --|tThe adoration of the Magi /|rGentile 
       da Fabriano --|tThe Arnolfini portrait /|rJan van Eyck --
       |tThe Ghent altarpiece /|rJan van Eyck --|tThe Chancellor 
       Rolin Madonna /|rJan van Eyck --|tThe annunciaton /
       |rRogier van der Weyden --|tThe deposition from the cross 
       /|rRogier van der Weyden --|tChrist mocked /|rFran 
       Angelico --|tThe triumph of Federico da Montefeltro /
       |rPiero Della Francesca --|tPortinari altarpiece /|rHugo 
       van der Goes --|tSt. Jerome in his stuidy /|rDomenico 
       Ghirlandaio --|tThe adoration of the Magi /|rLeonardo da 
       Vinci --|tLa primavera (spring) /|rSandro Botticelli --
       |tMarriage of the virgin /|rPietro Perugino --|tVirgin and
       child enthroned with Saints /|rGiovanni Bellini --|tThe 
       birth of Venus /|rSandro Botticelli --|tMadonna della 
       Vittoria /|rAndrea Mantegna --|tPallas Athena expelling 
       the vices /|rAndrea Mantegna --|tThe last supper /
       |rLeonardo da Vinci --|tMona Lisa /|rLeonardo da Vinci --
       |tDoni tondo /|rMichelangelo --|tThe garden of earthly 
       delights /|rHieronymus Bosch --|tThe Madonna of the meadow
       /|rRaphael --|tThe school of Athens /|rRaphael --|tMars 
       and Venus /|rPiero di Cosimo --|tThe three philosophers /
       |rGiorgione --|tThe adoration of the trinity /|rAlbrecht 
       Durer --|tThe Isenheim altarpiece /|rMatthias Grèunewald -
       -|tA banker and his wife /|rQuinten Metsys --|tBacchanal 
       of the andrians /|rTitian --|tThe last judgment /
       |rMichelangelo --|tThe enigmas of architecture --|tMadonna
       and child /|rJoos van Cleve --|tThe French ambassadors /
       |rHans Holbein the younger --|tA Christian Allegory /|rJan
       Provost --|tDecoding flowers and fruit --|tAllegory of 
       immortality /|rGiulio Romano --|tSt. Luke painting the 
       virgin /|rMaerten van Heemskerck --|tFight between 
       carnival and lent /|rPieter Bruegel the elder --|tAllegory
       of vanity /|rJan van der Straet (Johannes Stradanus) --
       |tBurial of the Count of Orgaz /|rEl Greco (Domenikos 
       Theotokopoulos) --|tFeast in the house of Levi /|rPaolo 
       Caliari called Veronese --|tThe calling of St. Matthew /
       |rCaravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi) --|tApelles paints 
       campaspe /|rJoos van Winghe --|tAllegory of sight /|rJan 
       Breughel the elder and Peter Paul Rubens --|tMinerva's 
       victory over ignorance /|rBartholomaeus Spranger --|tThe 
       education of Marie de' Medici /|rPeter Paul Rubens --|tThe
       artist's studio /|rJan Miense Molenaer --|tTime vanquished
       by hope and beauty /|rSimon Vouet --|tFortitude brings 
       peace and plenty /|rEustache le Suerur --|tThe 
       consequences of war /|rPeter Paul Rubens --|tEucharist in 
       fruit wreath /|rJan Davidsz. de Heem --|tVanitas (self 
       portrait) /|rDavid Bailly --|tThe banquet of the bean king
       /|rJacob Jordaens --|tThe spinners (the fable of Arachne) 
       /|rDiego Velâazquez --|tIn luxury, look out /|rJan Steen -
       -|tThe gathering of manna /|rNicolas Poussin --|tIn Ictu 
       Oculi (in the twinkling of and eye) /|rJuan de Valdâes 
       Leal --|tLas Meninas /|rDiego Velâazquez --|tThe art of 
       painting /|rJohannes Vermeer --|tThe secret language of 
       myth --|tThe spell /|rFrancisco de Goya --|tLiberty 
       leading the people /|rEugene Delacroix --|tThe apotheosis 
       of Homer /|rJean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres --|tJupiter and 
       Semele /|rGustave Moreau. 
520 1  "Discover the secret symbols and meaning behind 62 
       featured paintings in this unique volume. Ranging from 
       Giotto's 14th-century painting of the Last Judgment to the
       19th-century symbolist Gustave Moreau's depiction of 
       Jupiter and Semele, each work has been selected for its 
       own symbolic enigma. This book's innovative design pairs 
       each painting with a page of die-cut windows that help the
       reader focus on specific aspects of each painting and 
       features captions that highlight the most important 
       symbols. Other works in this unique and fascinating book 
       include Renaissance masterpieces such as Botticelli's 
       Primavera and The Birth of Venus, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and
       The Last Supper, and Michelangelo's The Last Judgment."--
       BOOK JACKET. 
650  0 Painting. 
650  0 Symbolism in art. 
700 1  Tucker, Rebecca. 
700 1  Bonfante-Warren, Alexandra. 
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