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100 1  Velu, Vijay,|eauthor. 
245 10 Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing - 
       Third Edition|h[O'Reilly electronic resource] /|cVelu, 
250    3rd edition 
264  1 |bPackt Publishing,|c2019. 
300    1 online resource (548 pages) 
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365    |b49.99 
520    A practical guide to testing your infrastructure security 
       with Kali Linux, the preferred choice of pentesters and 
       hackers Key Features Employ advanced pentesting techniques
       with Kali Linux to build highly secured systems Discover 
       various stealth techniques to remain undetected and defeat
       modern infrastructures Explore red teaming techniques to 
       exploit secured environment Book Description This book 
       takes you, as a tester or security practitioner, through 
       the reconnaissance, vulnerability assessment, exploitation,
       privilege escalation, and post-exploitation activities 
       used by pentesters. To start with, you'll use a laboratory
       environment to validate tools and techniques, along with 
       an application that supports a collaborative approach for 
       pentesting. You'll then progress to passive reconnaissance
       with open source intelligence and active reconnaissance of
       the external and internal infrastructure. You'll also 
       focus on how to select, use, customize, and interpret the 
       results from different vulnerability scanners, followed by
       examining specific routes to the target, which include 
       bypassing physical security and the exfiltration of data 
       using a variety of techniques. You'll discover concepts 
       such as social engineering, attacking wireless networks, 
       web services, and embedded devices. Once you are confident
       with these topics, you'll learn the practical aspects of 
       attacking user client systems by backdooring with fileless
       techniques, followed by focusing on the most vulnerable 
       part of the network - directly attacking the end user. By 
       the end of this book, you'll have explored approaches for 
       carrying out advanced pentesting in tightly secured 
       environments, understood pentesting and hacking techniques
       employed on embedded peripheral devices. What you will 
       learn Configure the most effective Kali Linux tools to 
       test infrastructure security Employ stealth to avoid 
       detection in the infrastructure being tested Recognize 
       when stealth attacks are being used against your 
       infrastructure Exploit networks and data systems using 
       wired and wireless networks as well as web services 
       Identify and download valuable data from target systems 
       Maintain access to compromised systems Use social 
       engineering to compromise the weakest part of the network 
       - the end users Who this book is for This third edition of
       Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing is 
       for you if you are a security analyst, pentester, ethical 
       hacker, IT professional, or security consultant wanting 
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