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518    Originally produced by Stourwater Pictures in 2012. 
520    Sidney Rittenberg arrived in China as a GI Chinese 
       language expert at the end of World War II. Discharged 
       there, he joined the Chinese Communist Party, and was an 
       active participant in the Chinese communist revolution and
       its aftermath. An intimate of the Party's leadership, 
       including Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, he gained prominence 
       at the Broadcast Administration, one of the most important
       agencies of government. But in the convulsions of a giant 
       country constantly reinventing itself, he twice ran afoul 
       of the leadership, and served a total of 16 years in 
       solitary confinement. He returned to the United States in 
       1980. Rittenberg captivates the audience with his 
       exceptional intellect, uncompromising honesty, and 
       engaging personality. Over a five-year period, award-
       winning former-CBS journalist and China specialist, Irv 
       Drasnin, interviewed Rittenberg to produce a compelling, 
       complex and unique understanding of the 20th century's 
       biggest revolution. From Sid first meeting Mao in the 
       caves of Yan'an, to his becoming famous and powerful 
       during the Cultural Revolution, to his battling insanity 
       in solitary, his journey and his profound insight 
       illuminate a much greater history--a history few Chinese 
       are aware of, let alone many Americans, told by an 
       American who was there."Rittenberg's story is valuable not
       only for its substance--the first hand experience of an 
       American at the apex of many key events of modern Chinese 
       history as well as a prisoner at the bottom of it--but 
       also for his performance--how he analyzes and articulates 
       the turbulent decades of his life in revolutionary China."
       - Thomas B. Gold, Professor of Sociology, University of 
       California, Berkeley. "Riveting! What delivery. What a 
       tale. A man of true integrity telling a tale heavy with 
       history and personal resolve and commitment. One gets a 
       sense of the China of those days that is hard to obtain 
       elsewhere."  - Dorothy J. Solinger, Professor, Dept. of 
       Political Science University of California, Irvine. 
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600 10 Rittenberg, Sydney Charles,|d1914- 
610 20 Zhongguo gong chan dang. 
650  0 Documentary films. 
651  0 China|xHistory|xCultural Revolution, 1966-1976. 
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700 1  Rittenberg, Sydney,|einterviewee. 
700 1  Drasnin, Irv,|einterviewer. 
710 2  Kanopy (Firm) 
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